Meguiar’s, 3M Display New Products, Custom Builds at SEMA 2023

A 2022 G82 BMW M4, customized by TJ Hunt, was unveiled Oct. 31 at the Meguiar's booth at the SEMA Show.

Showgoers could check out new professional car care products and vented paint spray cups.

Meguiar’s and 3M showed off new professional car care products and a new set of vented paint spray cups, respectively, at the 2023 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Meguiar’s debuted its Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating M888, Pro Speed Polish M200, and So1o™ All-in-One M300, offering professionals world-class results achieved with greater versatility and ease-of-use.

With the debut of Pro Speed Polish and So1o All-in-One, Meguiar’s also unveiled its new Meguiar’s Professional brand, merging its Mirror Glaze and Detailer products with a fresh new look and more durable bottles.

Mike Pennington, senior manager of global training, events and the Solutions Hub, said professional car care products are the brand’s heritage, as “the Mirror Glaze product line put us on the map” when it was introduced in 1973.

Meguiar's new professional car care line includes polishes and a ceramic coating.

“The professional industry has drastically changed as much as it’s stayed the same,” Pennington said.

Collision repairers should check out the Pro Speed Polish M200, engineered to remove minor defects and finish out clean, even on the darkest and most sensitive paints---perfect for professionals seeking easy application. Optimized for long work cycles, Pro Speed Polish is a versatile solution that was tuned with tall and short stroke DA polishers in mind but can also be applied by hand and by rotary.

Pro Speed Polish has been formulated to minimize dust, ensure longer buffing cycles and allow for easy wipe-off and faster cleanup. It is silicone-free and can be used without risk of contamination within body shop environments. Pro Speed Polish is the perfect final step for swirl-free, show car results; it is also a great follow up to Meguiar’s Professional Pro Speed Compound when tackling more severe defects.

The Pro Speed Polish M200 has an MSRP of $34.99 and will be available through professional detailing distributors and select online retailers nationwide in January 2024.

Also of interest to collision repairers is Meguiar’s So1o All-in-One M300, its newest professional-grade all-in-one solution. This SiO2-based, one liquid system delivers considerable defect removal with speed and ease, while leaving behind the most durable protection available from an all-in-one cleaner wax in Meguiar’s catalog. Professionals will enjoy easy wipe-off and fast cleanup, and can use So1o All-in-One across foam and microfiber discs or pads. Application can be done by hand, DA polisher and rotary.

So1o All-in-One was formulated to be low dusting, and features SiO2-based properties and super micro-abrasive technology, enabling durable water beading protection, polish without haze and the removal of 3000 grit sanding marks, even when used with a DA polisher.

So1o All-in-One M300 has an MSRP of $49.99 and will be available through professional detailing distributors and select eCommerce sites nationwide in January 2024.

The new Meguiar’s Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating M888---not recommended for body shop use---is a professional solution designed to ensure multi-year durability on paint surfaces through proper preparation, installation and maintenance.

With professional coatings often demanding a painstaking application process, ease-of-use was a top factor in formulating the Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating. A 100% actives formula and proprietary technology combine to ensure smooth spread and a forgiving, user-friendly application experience.

Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating delivers exceptional water beading, slickness and chemical resistance while filling minor defects and enhancing gloss for an improved final finish. Its ease of application also reduces the chances of high spots, one of the most common pain points for detailers and experts using professional coatings.

Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating M888 can be purchased by advanced car care users and certified installers alike. It has an MSRP of $119.99 and will be available through professional detailing distributors and select online retailers nationwide in November.

3M Convenience in a Paint Cup---Now Available Vented

3M expanded its family of disposable paint spray cups, adding a vented cup option to its line of linered spray cups. 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Vented Spray Cups give painters a new level of simplicity and convenience.

Jason Garfoot, senior application engineer for 3M, shows how to use the company's new line of vented paint spray cups.

"Painters have asked us for vented cups. We delivered a family that's both easy to use and compatible with existing 3M PPS Series 2.0 Linered Spray Cups," said Jonnie Zook, global marketing manager at 3M. "The lids come with their filters built in, and the cups' vent valve is also installed---in the closed position. No assembly needed."

The vented cups attach to a spray gun using the same connection as the 3M PPS Series 2.0 Linered Cup system, meaning painters can seamlessly use both systems, picking the right combination of cup, size and filter for every job.

The spray cups, both linered and vented, were among several 3M refinish products ready for hands-on demos at 3M’s booth at the SEMA Show.

“We’re always working to make painting easier and more efficient,” Zook said. “The new cups join our paint shop innovations like the 3M Performance Spray Gun, which lets painters switch between traditional HVLP and Fine Finish applications seamlessly. No matter what the job is---applying light primers to heavy undercoats, spot repair to bulk spraying---painters can choose a 3M system to meet their needs.”

3M PPS Series 2.0 Vented Spray Cups are the newest addition to the industry's largest family of disposable paint spray cups which includes: The classic linered spray cup system, UV safe cups for spraying light-cured coatings, pressure cups for spraying high-viscosity coatings like marine gel coat, and adapters to convert nearly any gravity-type spray gun to use PPS. The vented system includes Mini, Midi, Standard and Large size cups with either 125-micron or 200-micron filter lids.

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