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Lloyd’s Collision & Paint Center Uses SUN Collision to Look Up Repair Procedures Quickly, Every Time

Lloyd’s Collision & Paint Center in Santee, CA, turns to SUN Collision Repair Information for answers for every type of repair as it works on 200 vehicles across a wide range of make and model every month.

Robert Lloyd Sr. founded Lloyd’s Collision & Paint Center in Santee, CA, in 1984. Since then, he and his sons, Robert Jr. and Michael, have built the business into one renowned for providing reliable, quality collision repair services. In 2012, the family opened a second location in Lakeside, CA, which has since undergone an expansion.

Robert Jr. worked in his dad’s shop throughout high school, on summer breaks and then as part of a work study program his senior year, sweeping floors and cleaning cars, eventually moving up to helping the auto body technicians. After graduating, he started working full time on body work. He and Michael, who gravitated toward the painting side of the operation, now manage production and quality.

Lloyd’s Collision & Paint Center
Santee, CA
Instagram: @lloydscollision

Company At A Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 40
In Business Since: 1984
Number of Locations: Two
Combined Production Space: 75,000 square feet

Today, the family-run shop’s two I-CAR Gold Class locations repair about 200 vehicles per month. Lloyd’s Collision & Paint Center also has earned several OEM certifications, including Ford, GM, Tesla and Fisker---a newcomer to the U.S. market that just delivered its first two all-electric SUVs to customers in California earlier in 2023.

With so many vehicles coming through, Robert Jr. said Lloyd’s has tried just about every platform available to look up OEM repair procedures, including the OEMs’ websites.

Jose Gutierrez is a frame and alignment tech at Lloyd’s Collision & Paint Center.

“One thing they had in common is they’re all very difficult to navigate,” Robert Jr. said. “They use different terminology for different makes and models. It makes it hard to train, hard for techs to understand how to read them if every manufacturer uses different terms, diagrams and processes for looking them up.”

Several years ago, Lloyd’s found the exception to that rule---SUN Collision Repair Information.

“We got an opportunity to demo SUN Collision, and the one thing we love about it is it’s very user friendly,” Robert Jr. said. “SUN Collision gives you the ability to input basic keywords and generates the [repair] information based on that almost instantly---there’s no searching, digging for the information,” he added.

“If you’re looking up quarter panel procedures, just put in the VIN or license plate number of the car, put in ‘quarter panel,’ and it’ll populate all the options for the quarter panel, whether you’re replacing it or repairing it,” Robert Jr. said. “So, you’ll be able to find that really quick, print it, email it, whatever you need to do.”

The repair information is web-based so the shops’ technicians all have access on their laptops.

“Instead of having to print everything out, we just tell them what they need to research,” Robert Jr. said. “It saves a ton of time in the research process.”

SUN Collision software provides answers for every type of repair, from ADAS diagnostics and recalibration to diagnostic trouble codes and technical service bulletin issues related to a vehicle.

Robert Jr. said all of that information helps his staff write complete estimates the first time, with all the documentation needed to prove to insurance companies that every line item is required to complete the repair properly.

“That’s saving us a ton of time, and creating revenue in return, as far as getting paid to perform all the necessary procedures,” he said. “We were getting this information [before] from other avenues, but it was frustrating. This has made it very simple.”

The shops’ crew looks up repair procedures before every single job, Robert Jr. said.

“Knowing we’re getting the most current information to do the repairs makes us feel like we’re doing the correct repair every time,” he said.

Daniel Ang is one of several employees who uses SUN Collision Repair Information to look up procedures.

That also gives customers peace of mind.

“Obviously, every customer values their vehicle, and when they’re in a collision, they’re not happy,” Robert Jr. said. “So when we’re able to explain to them that we’re fixing the car to OEM standards and doing everything we can to get it back to pre-accident condition, that definitely makes them feel better about the repair process.”

Most recently Lloyd’s also helped SUN Collision test and develop a newly launched Repair Package feature that streamlines the blueprinting process for his estimate writers. The feature produces a comprehensive repair package that includes all the relevant information about a job---including repair procedures, illustrations along with OEM part numbers---and maps the data to the shop’s estimating platform.

Robert Jr. also praised SUN Collision’s wiring diagrams that help his techs diagnose electrical problems---as well as reset procedures for systems like tire pressure monitors, and suggested fixes for a particular vehicle’s known common issues.

“We could talk about [SUN Collision] for another few hours,” he said.

SUN Collision is a member of Snap-on’s Total Shop Solutions, which also includes sister brands Mitchell 1, John Bean®, Car-O-Liner® and Hofmann® products. To request a free demo, please visit suncollision.com.

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