LKQ Corporation Chooses SOCi to Manage Online Listings, Reviews


SOCi Inc. and LKQ Corporation’s North American organization announced Oct. 25 the alternative auto parts provider has chosen SOCi as its localized marketing platform of record to manage the company’s online listings and customer reviews.

Through the platform, the leading value-added sustainable distributor of vehicle parts and accessories is now able to efficiently engage with its customers and ensure accurate business information across its more than 400 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Supply chain issues and inflation have had an adverse impact on new car sales as car owners are increasingly repairing instead of replacing their vehicles. As the world’s largest recycler of vehicles serving the needs of DIY-ers and automotive repair shops, LKQ provides accurate, up-to-date business information through SOCi Listings so consumers can quickly find and order the car parts they need to repair or accessorize their vehicles.

“SOCi provides terrific tools that allow us to put information in the hands of LKQ’s decision makers on the ground level in a faster, more streamlined way,” said Bob Masone, senior marketing director for LKQ. “The partnership with SOCi is a move towards better management at a localized level, serving both our locations and customers with accurate data and personalized communication.”

According to SOCi’s Top Ranking and Conversion Factors for Local Search report, multi-location businesses that achieve the coveted status of ranking in Google’s 3-Pack will earn 126% more traffic in the form of appearances in search, as well as 93% more conversion-oriented actions such as phone calls and directions requests, than businesses ranked four through 10. In addition, a higher than average review volume is an indicator that a listing has potential to achieve top ranking, with listings ranked one and two having the highest review volumes overall.

Even with more than 400 locations across North America, LKQ is still able to efficiently manage its online listings and keep a close eye on customer feedback. The company is using the SOCi Reviews’ intelligent platform with built in AI to gather review information and communicate directly with customers, ensuring customers receive the same level of service digitally they have come to expect from LKQ’s best-in-class operations.

“LKQ has completely changed the way it connects to its customers digitally,” said Afif Khoury, CEO of SOCi. “Streamlining localized marketing efforts---something that can quickly become cumbersome with hundreds of locations---is a critical step on the road to digital transformation, and we’re thrilled that our centralized platform is at the heart of LKQ’s efforts to reach their marketing goals.”

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Source: SOCi Inc., LKQ Corporation

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