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Launch Tech USA Provides Versatility, Mobility for New Mobile ADAS Business

After years of working in the field, Brandon Miller had used just about every ADAS tool on the market, so he knew exactly what he wanted for his new business.

Brandon Miller of Miller ADAS Solutions helped design Launch Tech USA’s 3-in-1 Radar Kit.

Brandon Miller may be a new business owner, but he isn’t new to ADAS calibration. Miller, who opened his own mobile ADAS calibration business in 2023 in his hometown of Collinsville, IL, spent years as a technician and location manager, doing ADAS calibrations for a local business. He then spent several years on the road working in sales, tech support and on-site training for a glass distributor.

Miller ADAS Solutions
Collinsville, IL
TikTok: @miller_adas_solut
Instagram: @milleradas2023

Company At A Glance...
Type: Mobile ADAS & Diagnostic Service
Facility Employees: One
In Business Since: 2023
Number of Locations: One, with one mobile unit
Production Space: 2,500 square feet

According to Miller, a big part of that job was training businesses on the importance of performing recalibrations.

“I traveled the country teaching people how to use the equipment and the responsibilities that they have for performing recalibrations — that calibrations are not just a revenue stream. ADAS is 100% a liability issue and it needs to be done properly, per the manufacturer’s specs.”

LaunchTech June 2024 Shop Product Showcase 2Miller said Launch Tech USA offers great versatility for his mobile business.

Those years of traveling gave him both experience as an educator and a deep knowledge of ADAS calibration equipment. But he knew he didn’t want to spend his whole life on the road, so in 2023, he opened Miller ADAS Solutions and began serving local auto body shops with a mobile ADAS calibration unit.

After years of working in the field, Miller had used just about every ADAS tool on the market. So when it came to buying his own tools he knew exactly what he wanted — and who he wanted to work with.

He had established a solid working relationship with Launch Tech USA over the years and had even helped the company design its unique 3-in-1 Radar Kit, which proved to be perfect for his mobile business.

In Miller’s experience with the ADAS market, he found most packages are designed by sales executives who have very little experience in hands-on recalibrations. For customers, this means they often have only two or three packages to choose from and little information on what might be missing from the lower-end package. Miller said this puts pressure on customers to buy more than they need.

“That customer would end up purchasing the higher-end package just to complete radar calibrations, and within a year they realize their business only needs three or four pieces of the 40-piece package. If you’re in the collision realm, your primary ADAS needs are radar recalibrations after collision repair.”

Miller, who has a passion for R&D and design, worked with Launch Tech USA to design and field test a 3-in-1 Radar Kit which contains, in Miller’s words, “everything you need, nothing you don’t.”

Miller said for a business like his, the kit stands out from anything else available in the field in that it gives collision centers a starting-off package that includes all the standard implements they will use every day, consolidated into two carrying cases.

LaunchTech June 2024 Shop Product Showcase 3Miller ADAS Solutions serves local auto body shops in Collinsville, IL.

“The 3-in-1 Radar Kit is pretty much one of the only ones in the industry that can implement all radar recalibrations by just using one stand. With any other product, you have to have multiple stands — one for just your Hondas, just your Toyotas, and then another one for your Volkswagen blind spots — your Doppler radars. This puts it all in one, which is a lot more convenient.”

Miller said his Launch Tech USA scan tool also features a similar level of versatility.

“For my scan tool, I use the Launch Tech Throttle III, which is a professional-level scan tool. I like it a lot just because of the flexibility it provides. I could add a four channel oscilloscope, TPMS programmer or battery tester to the scan tool with the appropriate accessories. The SmartLink C is a very capable J-Box for module programming as well.”

But Miller said one of his favorite aspects of using Launch Tech USA’s tools is the seamless reporting.

“When it comes to reporting, Launch Tech USA makes it very easy. I utilize the Google Cloud for my business, so all the reports for my different customers are all shared in different folders and I can just literally pull up Google Drive, drag and drop, put it right in my invoice, and I’m done. That’s my favorite part.”

Miller, who operates one unit out of a small rented space in addition to his mobile unit, is still very much in the process of building his business. But he’s happy to be off the road, putting down roots as a local businessperson and serving his community by performing an essential service.

“It was something that I was really looking to do for a long time. My father really pushed me to start thinking more about owning my own business instead of teaching. And when he passed about two years ago, that was definitely the kick in the butt that I needed to get out there and make it happen.”

Launch Tech USA
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