Kristi Werner Named CEO of United Recyclers Group


United Recyclers Group (URG) announced Aug. 1 that Kristi Werner, an 18-year veteran of the automotive recycling industry, has been named CEO of the organization. Werner, who joined URG in 2011, was promoted to the role after serving as the chief technology officer.

URG, headquartered in Georgetown, TX, leads the industry in providing superior products and services tailored to the operational needs of automotive recyclers. By embracing technology, building innovative product lines, and offering exceptional educational opportunities, URG places focus on helping hundreds of members create efficiencies, improve data security and integrity, increase profit margins and enhance their ability to sustain long-term growth.

Werner is credited with helping recyclers take back control of their data so they may be able to integrate with new platforms not previously available to them. Before URG, she began her career at Actual Systems Pinnacle in 2005 as a software trainer. From there, she was promoted to a project manager position within the company, and then rounded out her tenure on the sales team as her time there came to a close. 

In an effort to further advance her career and knowledge base of the industry, she joined URG in 2011 and became its CTO in 2021. She received her bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State University and her master's from Colorado Technical University. 

“I’m honored to be selected as the CEO to continue to shape URG for our dynamic, changing industry,” said Werner. “My goal is to expand and improve the programs and benefits URG offers for all of our members. Seeing first-hand how much technology has changed in the industry, I am passionate about helping recyclers achieve their full potential.”

Previous CEO Donald Porter, who led the organization since 2012 after a long career at State Farm, will take on a new role as an internal industry/business consultant for URG and its members, and will continue to lead the URG Foundation, which raises funds with the recycling industry to provide college scholarships to children of industry members.

“Over the past decade, we have seen tremendous changes and consolidation in the recycling industry as well as with the customers we collectively serve,” said Porter. “I am excited to continue working with URG to help our members build their businesses, and further the work of the URG Foundation to give back to the next generation of leaders for the recycling industry.”

Source: URG

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