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Knight Enterprises LLC says ANEST IWATA’s Series 2 ‘Blows Other Guns Out of the Water’

Evan Thurber, left, his wife, Tearsa, center, and his father-in-law, Jeff Knight, right, own and operate Knight Enterprises with Jeff’s wife, Crystal Knight.

From frame-off auto restorations to custom paint jobs to RV and boat repairs, Knight Enterprises LLC in West Columbia, SC, does it all.

“You name it, we’ve painted and repaired it,” said co-owner Evan Thurber.

Thurber runs the shop with his wife, Tearsa, mother-in-law, Crystal Knight, father-in-law, Jeff Knight, who opened the collision repair shop in 1986, and several other family members.

“You feel like family when you come there,” said Thurber. “Word of mouth is how people hear about our friendly service and the quality of work we do, and thankfully, we’re so busy, we don’t have to advertise.”

Knight Enterprises LLC
Location: West Columbia, SC
(803) 796-4616
Facebook: @Knight-Enterprises-LLC-Auto-Body-Repair-Refinishing
Instagram: @ET_refinishtech

Company At A Glance...
: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: Five
In Business Since: 1986
Number of Locations: One
Production Space: 8,000 square feet

Thurber said he and his family do what they can to ensure their customers’ safety, even if they can’t get them in the body shop that day.

“If we go check out the situation and their bumper is hanging off, we’ll secure the cover so it’s safe for them to drive until their appointment,” he explained. “We go above and beyond to ensure the customer is satisfied.”

Thurber added that Knight Enterprises is in the process of expanding.

“Right now, we have two buildings for one location, and we’re hoping to add more workspace in the future,” he said.

Thurber became co-owner of Knight Enterprises in 2019 after moving from Florida to South Carolina to be with his wife Tearsa. She has 12 years of collision repair experience.

Evan Thurber, co-owner of the West Columbia, SC, shop, poses with his ANEST IWATA spray guns.

“I had been working at an auto body shop in Florida for a while, so when I joined Knight Enterprises, I took over the paint department,” he said. “I’m also a combo guy and I’ve been helping out with estimates and body work; I lend a hand anywhere I can.”

Since painting is Thurber’s specialty, he’s particular about the gun he sprays.

“About seven years ago, I asked my paint rep in Florida if I could demo some different brands because I wasn’t happy with my current gun,” he explained. “So, he lent me an ANEST IWATA LS 400, and I was like, holy moly, this is a completely different world compared to what I was using.”

He has been a big fan of the Japanese manufacturer ever since.

“I continued trying different ANEST IWATA guns---the LPH 400, the W 400, WS 400---there’s just so many amazing gravity feed spray guns,” he said. “Even the LPH 80, I use on all my custom jobs and small spot repairs.

“There’s nothing that you will pick up from ANEST IWATA that you won’t enjoy spraying because of the quality of the product and professional results.”

He also appreciates the versatility of ANEST IWATA products.

“You can use them in your high-end body shop or at-home shop,” Thurber said. “Their products are top notch; they know how to set themselves apart.”

However, Thurber believes ANEST IWATA’s soon-to-be-released WS 400 Series 2 Clear and the LS 400 Series 2 Base gun “blows any other gun out of the water.” He had the pleasure of demoing both products for two weeks in late June.

Evan Thurber sprays a customer’s vehicle with an ANEST IWATA paint gun while wearing a spray paint suit from the same company.

“I’ve never sprayed or handled anything so admirable and comfortable as these guns,” he said. “Right out of the box, just looking at it, it’s a beautiful thing; it’s slim, lightweight---much lighter than the Supernova.”

Thurber continued, “It has that nice chrome gunmetal look to it, and it’s scratch resistant, which was a much-needed improvement from the Supernova.”

He said despite “pushing the Series 2 to its limits,” he did not see a single scratch. Thurber also found the Series 2 easier to use.

“One of the big things for me with the Supernovas was having to dial in your fan in a couple of turns to find that even spray pattern,” he explained. “Right out of the box, Series 2 is ready to spray; you don’t have to adjust your fan or fluid knobs at all.”

Thurber continued, “You simply pull the trigger, shoot both Series 2 guns at 29 psi and you’re getting the most even and atomized results I’ve ever seen. You also save money by having less overspray and therefore using less material.

“These guns have surpassed all my expectations,” he added.

Over the years, the paint equipment company has also provided Thurber with valuable customer support.

“Whenever I bring any concerns or thoughts to ANEST IWATA’s attention, they put it in perspective and consider my recommendations,” he said. “If you have a question, they’re more than willing to help you. For example, they’ll suggest different air pressures and fan patterns to ensure getting the most out of your gun.”

Thurber said he highly recommends purchasing the WS 400 Series 2 Clear and LS 400 Series 2 Base when they’re released in Fall 2022, because he will be doing the same.

“These spray guns aren’t just another gun to add to your collection, they will take over your collection," Thurber concluded.

Catherine Swisshelm
(513) 417-0106
Facebook: @AnestIwataUSA
Twitter: @anestiwatausa
Instagram: @anest_iwata
LinkedIn: @anest-iwata
YouTube: @Anest Iwata USA Inc

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