Kaizen Glass Solutions Launches Comprehensive 2-Day ADAS Training Course

Learn the necessary skills and knowledge to fully leverage your shop's investment in ADAS technology.


Kaizen Glass Solutions announced the launch of its two-day ADAS training course, designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to fully leverage their investment in ADAS technology.

ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, are safety features designed to assist drivers in avoiding collisions and accidents. The technology makes it essential for auto repair professionals to be proficient in ADAS calibration.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including ADAS cameras and sensors calibration process, ways to increase efficiency and profitability while performing ADAS calibrations, troubleshooting and dynamic and static hands-on training. Participants will gain hands-on experience with ADAS calibration on multiple vehicles, providing them with practical insights into the latest technologies and techniques of ADAS calibration.

The course provides the most in-depth two-day ADAS training without requiring the purchase of a system. Participants can choose from Autel, Launch Tech USA, Smartsafe and XTOOLTECH calibration systems to train on, and the class schedules offer flexibility and coincide with the five-day Auto Glass Training Program, allowing students to take advantage of both courses for a discounted price.

"The ADAS training course is our commitment to providing essential skills and knowledge to professionals in the auto repair industry," said Shauna Davis, president of Kaizen Glass Solutions. "Our hands-on approach allows participants to take their knowledge to the next level and truly understand the complexities of ADAS calibration."

The training session will be held at the Kaizen Glass Solutions Training Center in Hutto, TX.

Register now for the two-day ADAS training course at www.kaizenglasssolutions.com.

For any inquiries, contact Kaizen Glass Solutions at 512-843-1416 or training@kaizenglasssolutions.com.

The training center is located at 3333 CR 119. Ste. 137, Hutto, TX 78634.

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