JM Family, RockED Partner to Address Auto Dealership Talent Shortage

The partnership is focused on delivering "bite-sized, data-driven lessons" designed to facilitate learning anywhere, anytime.


JM Family Enterprises announced a strategic partnership and investment in The RockED Company to address the significant talent challenges faced by dealerships across the nation.

“This significant investment in RockED furthers our commitment to providing modern and effective solutions that align with the evolving needs of the workforce,” said Pearl Percy, group vice president and chief corporate development officer at JM Family.

The partnership between JM Family and RockED is focused on delivering "bite-sized, data-driven lessons" designed to facilitate learning anywhere, anytime, according to Kevin Hull, director of strategy at JM Family subsidiary JM&A Group. This approach is in response to the shifting talent landscape in the automotive industry, requiring a dynamic and adaptive approach to meet these challenges.

RockED's mobile learning platform is tailored to the automotive industry's specific needs, offering personalized learning paths based on an individual's performance history. By integrating this platform with JM&A Group’s data and expertise, the partnership aims to create a recommendation engine for customizable learning experiences.

"Together, we look forward to empowering dealerships with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this rapidly evolving landscape," said Matthias Stoever, founder and CEO of RockED.

RockED’s platform is unique in its approach, blending high-quality content from automotive experts with predictive technology and gamification elements. This combination results in an engaging and effective learning experience for each user.

“As we embark on this collaborative journey, our aim is clear---to not just address the challenges in the automotive talent landscape but to redefine the current standards of training and learning,” said Marco Schnabl, founder and executive chairman of RockED.

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