I-CAR Offering ‘Measuring, Anchoring and Pulling’ Courses


As modern vehicles incorporate advanced materials, staying up to date with repair methods is crucial as vehicle repair procedures change rapidly.

I-CAR is excited to announce the availability of its new “Measuring, Anchoring and Pulling” courses for both unibody and full-framed vehicles, designed to equip automotive professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively measure, anchor and pull damaged vehicles.

As modern vehicles incorporate advanced materials, staying up to date with repair methods is crucial as vehicle repair procedures change rapidly. Learners who complete these courses should be better prepared to tackle common challenges, navigate evolving construction materials, and apply techniques that contribute to complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the customers they are serving.

Accessible online, these courses allow technicians to learn at their own pace, enhancing flexibility without disrupting schedules. What really sets these courses apart is their interactive format. Through a combination of engaging “hands-on” demonstration videos plus interactive examinations, participants can actively apply the concepts they learn. This interactive approach ensures that technicians not only understand the theory behind measuring, anchoring and pulling, but also gain practical knowledge through course engagement that can be immediately applied in their day-to-day work.

Two course variants, “unibody” and “full-framed vehicles,” were designed to cater to repair nuances, supplying focused learning reflective of these unique vehicles build characteristics.

"We are thrilled to expand our educational offerings to include these new courses, which incorporate industry feedback, and to launch our latest effort to make training more dynamic and interactive, thus more effective,” said John Van Alstyne, I-CAR CEO and president. 

"These courses address critical and fundamental aspects of collision repair and provide technicians with a professional development opportunity for advanced learning to ensure vehicles are repaired efficiently, and most importantly safely for the driver and their passengers,” added Bud Center, I-CAR director of technical products and curriculum development.

I-CAR Gold Class shops on the Gold Class (Training) Subscription plan have access to the new courses free of charge as part of the unlimited live, online and virtual course subscription benefit. Gold Class shops that do not take part in I-CAR’s training subscription plan will receive the normal 20% Gold Class discount on the courses. I-CAR Platinum (Pro Level 3) individuals are eligible for a 20% discount on the courses as well.

These two courses will be part of the structural technician’s ProLevel 3 path, which will affect Platinum and Gold Class recognition achievement and renewal cycles beginning Jan. 1, 2025. Guided by I-CAR’s Automotive Collision Repair Industry Knowledge & Skills Protocol, these courses fulfill required knowledge and skills areas necessary for structural technicians as defined by the collision repair industry.

To learn more about I-CAR's new Measuring, Anchoring and Pulling courses, visit I-CAR.com.

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