Hyundai Santa Fe Sport ABS Recall Follows 18 Fires

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport ABS Recall Follows 18 Fires

A Hyundai Santa Fe Sport ABS recall has been issued following 18 fires caused by brake fluid leaking inside the anti-lock braking system modules.

More than 203,500 model year 2013-2015 Santa Fe Sport SUVs are recalled for the second time for the same ABS module problems that can cause engine compartment fires due to electrical short circuits.

And Hyundai says those fires could occur even when the Santa Fe Sports are parked.

The Santa Fe Sport ABS recall is necessary because the supplier, Mando, built the modules with seals that can leak brake fluid into the electronic control units. This could cause illumination of the Santa Fe Sport warning lights, burning or melting odors or smoke from the engine compartment.

The problem goes back to April 2018 when Hyundai received notice of an engine compartment fire on a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. The SUV was inspected but the automaker couldn't determine the cause of the fire because of the damage to the vehicle.

At least 15 fires had occurred from ABS module failures when Hyundai recalled the Santa Fe Sports in 2020.

A third-party testing lab was hired and found evidence of electrical shorting caused by corrosion on the ABS module electronic control unit's printed circuit board. The company also found contaminated brake fluid in the motor housings and hydraulic units attached to the ABS control units.

Hyundai claims this is the final remedy which includes ABS modules with improved internal valve seals to prevent leaking of brake fluid. The automaker is also using an ABS multi-fuse rated at a lower amperage to limit the module operating current.

The lower amperage will allegedly protect against too much current which can cause a short-circuit.

As of April, Hyundai was aware of 18 Santa Fe Sport engine compartment fires caused by the ABS modules.

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport owners should park outside and away from anything that could burn until dealers make these second repairs.

The U.S. Santa Fe Sport ABS recall includes more than 151,200 SUVs and an ABS recall in Canada includes more than 52,300 Santa Fe Sports.

Santa Fe Sport ABS recall notification letters are expected to be mailed June 25, and all SUVs from the 2020 recall will need to be repaired.

Anyone with questions about the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport ABS recall can contact the automaker at 855-371-9460 and ask about recall number 205.

Hyundai has recalled other models because of ABS module problems and fires, and in some cases the automaker has been served class action lawsuit documents. Read more here.

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