House of Kolor Introduces New Tech for High-Def Color Shifting

New Kameleon FX Packs are easy to use and provide an exceptionally clean color shift that catches the eye.


House of Kolor has introduced a dramatic new color-shifting technology that creates an instantaneous, hard-hitting shift in color without a gray area or mottling in between colors.

New Kameleon FX packs, part of the Shimrin2® paint system, contain pearls tightly controlled in thickness, creating uniquely clean effects when applied in layers over black paint.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new Kameleon FX packs is their ease of use. Designed for any painter---beginner to pro---the packs have excellent flow characteristics. Painters can lay down and align the pearl with great ease, even without a high-caliber skill set. The result is a reliably crisp transition between colors.

“Color-shifting paint has been around since the 1990s, but this new technology creates an intense, exceptionally clean transition between colors that is entirely unprecedented in the automotive industry,” said Brian Lewis, global product manager for House of Kolor, owned by Sherwin-Williams. “We hope to generate a lot of enthusiasm for the new offering among our House of Kolor fans---especially when it comes to the new Black to Red Kameleon FX pack.”

The other new Kameleon FX packs are older colors re-engineered with the new technology: Red to Gold, Green to Purple, Cyan to Purple, and Blue to Red. They are applied in three coats over a black base coat.

The new Kameleon FX packs come in a liquid form that can be mixed into the House of Kolor Trans Nebulae and then applied in varying coats over a black base coat. The packs can also be poured into House of Kolor Karrier Bases with a multitude of possible effects.

“At this point, the painter is into experimental territory,” said Lewis. “By pouring this new color into our Karrier Bases, we have created 138 possible color combinations. This is a new frontier for those seeking new and unique color-shifting combinations.”

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