Honda Recalls Odysseys With Power Sliding Doors

Honda Recalls Odysseys With Power Sliding Doors

A Honda Odyssey minivan recall will soon begin because water may enter the outer door handle cables for the power sliding doors.

This can cause the outer sliding door cables to freeze in 2018-2020 Odyssey minivans, failing to properly latch the doors.

More than 324,000 Odyssey minivans are affected by the recall in the U.S.

Moisture entering the body lines between the power sliding door and outer door handle may leak onto the plastic boot protecting the outer door handle cable. Honda says the plastic boot can flex and form small gaps that allow for moisture intrusion.

Honda recalled Odyssey minivans in 2018 because the power sliding doors were opening while driving.

Honda received a report in February 2019 concerning a sliding door that froze even though the Odyssey had been repaired during the previous recall. The supplier for the door handles conducted testing but couldn't replicate the problem.

By July 16, the automaker had received 113 warranty claims and 31 field reports, but no reports of crashes or injuries.

The Honda Odyssey power sliding door handle cable recall is expected to begin Sept. 23, 2020. Dealerships will need to replace the power sliding door outer handle cables.

Honda Odyssey owners with questions should call 888-234-2138. Honda's reference number for this recall is A88.

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