GUNIWHEEL Introduces Portable Dent Pulling System


GUNIWHEEL, LLC, the makers of the award-winning GUNIWHEEL™ universal shop wheel, has developed a brand-new fast puller portable dent pulling system for the collision repair industry

The patent-pending FAST PULLER™ by GUNIWHEEL uses the collision repair facility’s compressed air system (minimum 4 bar required) to create a vacuum seal to most flooring surfaces, delivering 550 pounds of pulling force using a heavy-duty chain ratcheting system.

The FAST PULLER features an adjustable pulling height setup providing precise pulling for multi-angle pulling applications and a flexible multi-hook that follows the contour of dents and wiggle wires. Made of aluminum, weighing just 34 pounds, the FAST PULLER is lightweight and compact and can be easily moved between workstations. It works great in tight spaces and provides instant 360° pulling ability.

“This is a wonderful new tool for the industry!” said GUNIWHEEL, LLC CEO Sergio Rovito. “Technicians no longer need to move the vehicle to a pulling bay to perform pulls on vehicles or wait for a bay to open up. With the Fast Puller™, technicians can quickly repair light to medium dents at any workstation, lowering shop cycle times and save valuable work space.

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