GM Buys Out Nearly Half of Buick Dealerships Nationwide

The dealerships opted to not invest in being able to sell and service EVs.

Buick's Wildcat EV concept.

General Motors will end the year with 47% fewer Buick dealerships than it had at the beginning of 2023---about 1,000 nationwide---after nearly half declined to spend $300,000 to $400,000 to be able to sell EVs.

The Detroit Free Press reported a GM spokesperson, Scott Poppitt, said in an email, “We’ve given dealers who are not aligned with Buick’s future to exit voluntarily in a respectful and structured way; with the full support of our National Dealer Council."

Buick plans to only offer electric models by 2030.

Poppitt told the Free Press that despite the loss, Buick sales are still up nearly 60% this year through November, meaning the remaining dealerships saw their average throughput triple.

The voluntary buyout program is still open.

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