Ford Super Duty Roof-Crush Lawsuits Consolidated

This photo of a Georgia couple's 2002 Ford F-250 after a rollover accident was submitted as evidence in a jury trial in 2022.

Ford truck roof class action lawsuits are being consolidated in a Michigan federal court under the case name, In re Ford Super Duty Roof-Crush Litigation.

Class action attorneys began filing Ford truck roof lawsuits following a $1.7 billion jury verdict against Ford in the wrongful deaths of Melvin Hill, 74, and his wife, Voncile Hill, 62.

The deaths occurred in a 2014 Georgia rollover crash of a 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck.

The crash was allegedly caused by a blown tire installed by a Pep Boys service center, which installed the wrong size tire.

The jury was told the Ford Super Duty roofs were too weak, and the jury decided about 5 million 1999-2016 Ford Super Duty trucks were sold with defective roofs.

The first Ford roof class action lawsuit was filed weeks after the $1.7 billion jury verdict in the Hill case, and now those class actions will be consolidated into one.

In October 2022, Judge Paul Borman consolidated Beck v. Ford with a related case called Rhodes v. Ford.

The latest action saw Judge F. Kay Behm consolidate Ryan Scott v. Ford, Steven Beck v. Ford and Curtis Bright v. Ford into the single class action lawsuit, In re Ford Super Duty Roof-Crush Litigation.

The plaintiffs will file a consolidated Ford truck roof class action lawsuit in the Eastern District of Michigan.

A separate wrongful death Ford truck roof lawsuit was recently dismissed in the death of 2001 Ford F-350 driver Mikyley Rae Reitz.

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