Ford F-150 Lightning Lot Fire Leads to Recall of 18 Trucks


Ford is recalling 18 units of its F-150 Lightning truck over fears they might spontaneously catch on fire. The danger is directly related to one truck that unexpectedly went down in a blaze on a Ford holding lot in February. The Blue Oval has since said it’s fixed the potential problem.

On Feb. 14, it was reported Ford shut down production and deliveries of the F-150 Lightning over battery concerns. What wasn't initially known was that Ford found the issue because one of the trucks burnt to the ground. By Feb. 19, Ford spokesperson Emma Bergg clarified Lightning customers didn’t need to worry.

“I can confirm one vehicle fire. Let me reiterate, we have no reason to believe F-150 Lightnings already in customer hands are affected by this issue,” she said.

On March 21, it was reported that on March 2, Ford determined 18 completed Lightning trucks are out there with suspect battery cells. The automaker didn't say whether or not any have made it into customers' hands but did confirm dealers will replace the high-voltage battery pack at no cost to the customer.

At the heart of the issue are cathode aluminum tabs in the battery pack that can improperly contact anode electrode material. Should that occur while the battery is at a high level of charge, it can create a short circuit and ultimately lead to a fire.

According to its review, the flawed battery packs were only built by the supplier from Dec. 14 through Jan. 17, and only the 18 included in the recall made it into the wild. Ford even included the 18 VINs in the recall as part of the filing so those concerned they may have an affected vehicle can find out immediately.

Owners can also call their local dealership or the NHTSA directly. Ford isn’t aware of any injuries or accidents related to this recall.

Affected VIN List:

  • 1FTVW1EL0PWG09271
  • 1FTVW1EL5PWG11047
  • 1FTVW1EL0PWG10095
  • 1FTVW1EL6PWG09338
  • 1FTVW1EL0PWG11005
  • 1FTVW1EL7PWG08599
  • 1FTVW1EL1PWG08985
  • 1FTVW1EL7PWG09266
  • 1FTVW1EL2PWG09451
  • 1FTVW1EL8PWG08143
  • 1FTVW1EL2PWG11054
  • 1FTVW1EL8PWG08904
  • 1FTVW1EL3PWG09569
  • 1FTVW1EL8PWG09244
  • 1FTVW1EL3PWG09605
  • 1FTVW1ELXPWG07639
  • 1FTVW1EL5PWG09167
  • 1FTVW1ELXPWG09925

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