Fisker Enhances Service Operations in North America

The EV company is hiring managers, customer service associates and technicians, and expanding its network of collision repair shops.


Fisker Inc. announced major improvements in its U.S. and Canadian service operations, focusing on customer feedback and technical support enhancement.

The company has increased its focus on regional management and service team expansion, appointing additional regional managers and growing its service team, which now includes more than 30 customer relations associates, supplemented by dedicated call centers. These teams are actively engaging with customers to address service-related issues and schedule appointments.

Fisker also recently hired a director of technical services, set to start in January. This role will bolster the company's ability to handle complex technical cases, ensuring that customers receive the highest level of technical expertise.

Addressing the need for skilled technicians, Fisker has ramped up its recruitment efforts, with plans to hire a significant number of technicians in the coming months. This surge includes the deployment of mobile technicians, offering convenient at-home services to customers. Currently, the company boasts nearly 100 service technicians, including more than 30 mobile technicians, serving customers across 20 states and two Canadian provinces.

To cater to customers requiring collision repairs, Fisker has expanded its network to 35 shops in 10 states and three Canadian provinces. In one week in December alone, five new shops were added, with plans to further increase the U.S. network by 80 shops nationwide.

Fisker has also partnered with a service provider to enhance pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and related services at its facilities. This collaboration, along with the in-field technicians, will significantly improve Fisker's service response times and overall capabilities.

Fisker has streamlined its internal processes and established rigorous metrics for timely customer response. Additionally, the company has rolled out Version 1.10 of its Fisker Ocean vehicle software, with 80% of vehicles already updated. The release of Version 1.11 is underway, promising enhanced features and an improved customer experience.

Fisker Inc. is headquartered in California. For more information, visit

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