Driven Brands Launches B2B Digital Marketplace

Driven Advantage saves automotive service centers $50,000 per year through operational efficiencies.


Driven Brands announced the launch of Driven Advantage, a new B2B digital marketplace powered by Mirakl Platform

The new B2B marketplace connects Driven Brands’ 5,000+ automotive corporate locations, shop owners, franchises and affiliates with more than 80,000 handpicked products from third-party suppliers. 

With Driven Advantage’s one-stop shop, buyers can easily control spending and streamline ordering, reducing time spent on purchasing. 

The average automotive service center with ~$1 million in annual revenue can expect to save upwards of $50,000 per year by ordering via the Driven Advantage marketplace. The marketplace offers buyers an enhanced personalization experience, making it easy for buyers to discover the products that meet their specific needs and preferences. 

Driven Advantage also offers benefits to third-party sellers by driving sales volume through a single site serving thousands of automotive locations.

Best-in-Class Automotive Franchise Experience

The Driven Advantage marketplace builds on Driven Brands’ proven approach to centralized procurement, while expanded payment methods and controls allow shop owners and franchises to purchase needed items with confidence. Driven Brands has already processed tens of thousands of orders in the first year---demonstrating the power of the new platform. 

“The initial development and rollout of Driven Advantage has already shown tremendous value for our franchises and vendors,” said Kyle Marshall, EVP and president of platform services. “Our company-operated stores and other early adopters have already recognized the potential for process improvements and operational savings that come with using marketplace, and with new features like suggestive selling, promotional opportunities and partner advertising, this is just the beginning.”

Immediate Opportunity for Partner Vendors

Driven Advantage allows third-party sellers to establish a new revenue stream that provides direct access to thousands of automotive locations throughout North America. Vendors are supported by a dedicated marketplace support team, simplifying onboarding and account management. 

“Driven Brands is a shining example of eCommerce leadership in the automotive aftermarket space, showing what customer-first companies can achieve when they use digital ecosystems to transform operating models,” said Marc Teuliéres, general manager, B2B, Mirakl. “With Driven Advantage's broad, curated assortment and one-stop shop experience, automotive repair shops are able to spend less time on sourcing and more time serving their customers. We're honored to partner with Driven Brands on this forward-thinking strategy that both generates new revenue and boosts customer satisfaction.”

Driven Brand’s automotive franchise owners, ATI members and third-party sellers are invited to join the Driven Advantage marketplace today.

To learn more about the B2B brands disrupting their industries with digital marketplaces, visit the Mirakl website.

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