DCR Systems Names Maria Stump as People Development Manager

Stump shared tips for supporting employee development.

Maria Stump will focus on all aspects of working with employees for DCR Systems.

DCR Systems is excited to announce the addition of Maria Stump as people development manager. In her new role, Stump focuses on all aspects of working with employees, including hiring and retention, setting up processes, managing training programs and employee development.

“We created this role as part of our mission to be a ‘people-first’ company that provides more than just a job in collision repair, but also a clear path of career growth and development,” said Michael Giarrizzo, CEO of DCR Systems. “We are pleased to have Maria for this position as she brings much energy and experience to the role.”

“We are focused on being the employer of choice by making sure our teams have opportunities to develop their skills and have the career path they desire,” said Cheryl Boswell, CFO at DCR Systems. “As the people development manager, Maria will serve a critical role in developing the teams of the future. Her experience at ALDI and her energy make her the perfect fit for this role at DCR Systems.”

“DCR is wonderful company and I'm super happy I'm here,” said Stump. “I’m excited to develop in this new role and help make improvements and advances.”

Stump graduated from John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH, in 2020 with a management and human resources degree. While attending John Carroll, she interned at ALDI supermarket chain the summer before her senior year as the district manager of six stores. Her experience includes recruitment and retention, human resources, employee development, business operations, financial services and customer service.

“It was a great experience because I was able to see what a day in the life of a district manager looked like and how a business runs from the ground up,” said Stump.

After graduating, she was offered a full-time job at ALDI as the district manager, where she worked for four years.

With her interest in people, Stump was looking for an opportunity to assist a company with coaching and development. When she learned about the position at DCR Systems, it sounded like a great fit.

“I love working with people and seeing their successes and wins,” she said. “It’s the most fulfilling part of my job.”

Joining the company without prior knowledge of the collision repair industry, Stump visited five of seven DCR Systems’ locations to introduce herself and explain how she was there to support employees when they have questions or problems and need help with training and planning meetings. She also shadowed front office employees, repair planners as well as those on the production floor.

After going through the processes and asking questions, she better understood the day-to-day business.

Since then, Stump said she has noticed the team atmosphere and how everyone works together to continually improve the business.

“The people at DCR are awesome,” she said. “They're really invested in what we do and how we do it, and that makes all the difference.”

Stump encourages shop owners and managers to be open to hiring individuals from outside the industry.

“I wouldn’t be quick to write off people who aren't from the industry because they're going to give and have a different perspective than maybe you're used to and offer new ways of doing things,” she noted.

She also recommends trying new ways of solving problems, such as hiring employees.

“If you're finding time is a struggle to go through job applications of prospective employees who might not be a good fit, an idea could be to plan hiring events,” she said.

Stump said this provides the opportunity to meet the candidates at one time, have a five-minute conversation and determine if the person has the background the company is looking for.

One of her focuses is implementing employee processes, such as goal sheets.

“A lot of times, employees want to get better at a task,” she said. “That’s great that they have a goal but we need specific steps and actions how they're going to get there.”

As a result, Stump helps employees set SMART -- specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based -- goals.

“A SMART goal is about having a specific goal in mind for the employee,” she explained.

For example, if an employee wants to improve in repair planning, Stump recommends setting two or three actionable steps to take and a deadline.

“Over that time frame, you can have the employee work on those specific actions and see if they improved,” she explained. “If the goal was not met, then go back to the drawing board, see if you can redo the goal, or maybe provide more training resources to make sure they do meet the goal the next time.”

She said there’s no “secret sauce” to improve. Instead, she recommends monitoring what employees are doing and following up with them.

“If you set goals, that's great but if no one's holding anybody accountable, they're just going to fall through the cracks into the wayside,” she added.

From her experience, she stresses the importance of investing in employees.

By doing this, Stump said, employees will realize the company cares about them and is taking the time and steps to get them to where they need to be.

“That goes a long way and it’s how the company is going to be successful,” she said.

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