Corvette Production Shuts Down, Yet Again


Production of Corvettes at Bowling Green Assembly in Kentucky will shut down for the week of Feb. 20.

General Motors cited a temporary parts shortage. It didn’t elaborate on what part(s) are lacking, only that the shutdown had nothing to do with the ongoing chip shortage.

If you feel like this might be déjà vu, that’s for good reason. Production at Bowling Green Assembly ground to a halt the week of Oct. 17 last year, with GM only saying it was due to a supply shortage. The same thing happened in March 2022 and May 2021.

One potential explanation for the parts shortages for GM is the automaker’s continued insistence its suppliers sign off on an Environmental, Social and Governance Partnership Pledge (ESG). GM wouldn’t say how many of its vast network of suppliers had signed up last year, so there’s no telling if this issue has caused friction.

There are plenty of other theories and the reality might be a combination of factors. Since GM won’t show its hand we have no idea what the problem is, leaving everyone to guess. In the meantime, with the demand for new C8 Corvettes far outstripping supply, this is going to make some customers pretty upset.

GM said production will resume Feb. 27.

We thank Motorious for reprint permission.

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