Connecticut Officers Released from Hospital After Shooting at Auto Body Shop

The officers responded to a report of a gun displayed during a dispute over whether or not items had been stolen from a vehicle.


Two East Hartford, CT, police officers involved in a shooting incident at an auto repair shop on May 19 were released from the hospital, according to a statement from the East Hartford police on May 20. The officers had been taken to the hospital for evaluation following the incident.

On May 22, the Connecticut Office of the Inspector General released a statement saying the shooting happened when officers responded around 3:30 p.m. to a dispute at Governor's Auto Body & Repair, located at 224 Governor St., surrounding whether items were missing from a vehicle that had been towed to the shop the day before. During the argument, a man displayed a gun to a tow truck driver.

The inspector general said two officers from the East Hartford Police Department responded. One parked his police cruiser near a white Infiniti. The driver of the Infiniti rammed the police cruiser with his car, then quickly reversed, knocking over two more people, a man and woman, who had been standing outside the car and had just grabbed two children from inside it.

The inspector general said the Infiniti again hit the front end of the police cruiser before taking off. Both officers shot at the Infiniti as it left the parking lot. The suspect fled west on Interstate 84 and the vehicle was later found in Hartford. The car had been stolen.

The Office of the Inspector General also released dash and body cam footage from the officers involved in the incident.

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