Collision Vision Podcast: Technology Shifts Create Potential for Profits with Russ Ramsey

Ramsey walks through opportunities to generate more profit for the business you already have.


This episode's guest is Russ Ramsey, CEO of Blue Vista Data Systems. His background includes a lot of time focused on supplying the collision repair industry, so while Russ knows the industry and knows it well, he described himself as an “outsider on the inside." Today, a lot of the conversation revolves around safety, training, reducing liability and ensuring proper repairs. While past guests have discussed different ways to bring in more business, Ramsey walks through opportunities to generate more profit for the business you already have.

Episode Overview

Ramsey's career journey is both inspiring and instructive. Beginning as a Detroit diesel mechanic apprentice, he eventually owned a repair shop, delving into customizing and body work. By 1986, Ramsey made a transition to selling supplies like fasteners and hardware to other shops.

During his conversation with host Cole Strandberg, Ramsey pointed out some critical mistakes and misconceptions in the collision repair industry. A significant oversight he mentioned was the reuse of old clips and the neglect of clip parts, which often leads to improper repairs. He shared examples where incorrect retainers were used, resulting in safety concerns and repair issues.

The liability that comes with improper repairs cannot be overstated. Ramsey emphasized the importance of shops protecting themselves by ensuring quality technical training. He discussed the need for conversations around torque specs, identifying one-time use fasteners, and having a plan for handling fasteners. This is crucial to avoid cutting into cycle time and impacting profitability.

The evolution of vehicle technology has led to an increasing complexity of fasteners. Ramsey highlighted the necessity for shops to be forward-thinking and to have a comprehensive plan to handle these changes. Training and staying updated with technological advancements will be key to the future success of the industry.

Working in a family business comes with its unique set of challenges and rewards. Ramsey shared his experience of involving his children in the business and the transition of leadership. He stressed the importance of planning and having discussions within the shop to manage fasteners effectively.

Ramsey provided insights into the current state of Blue Vista Data Systems, a website designed to assist shops in identifying fasteners for every car by location, OEM part number, quantity used and a photograph of each retainer. He invited listeners to reach out to him for further discussions and assistance in developing a plan for handling fasteners in their shops.

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