Collision Vision Podcast: Technician Pay Transparency with Jay Goninen

The discussion with the president of WrenchWay focused on how to solve the technician shortage, among other pressing issues.


The Collision Vision podcast recently hosted a compelling discussion with Jay Goninen, president of WrenchWay and host of the Beyond the Wrench podcast. This marked the third occasion that Goninen graced the podcast, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The conversation revolved around pressing matters within the automotive industry, with a particular focus on the technician shortage and the highly anticipated 2024 Technician Pay Survey.

Episode Overview

Goninen, an established figure in the industry, expounded on WrenchWay's mission to uplift and advance the careers of technicians. WrenchWay is at the forefront of initiatives such as a job board tailored for technicians and school connect programs, which play a pivotal role in promoting the profession. Goninen also shed light on the success of the Voice of Technician survey, which has provided crucial insights into the experiences and perspectives of technicians in the field.

A key topic was the upcoming 2024 Technician Pay Survey. This survey aims to gather precise data regarding technician wages, addressing the inconsistencies found in current industry statistics. Goninen underscored the importance of collision technicians' participation and reassured the process is straightforward and confidential. The results, expected to be published in mid-March, are anticipated to reflect higher technician salaries, potentially enhancing the industry's image and drawing in new talent.

The significance of salary transparency for technicians was another subject, especially for high school students and their parents who are considering career options. It is essential to provide transparent and accurate information to aid their decision-making process and to position the automotive industry as a viable and lucrative career choice.

Goninen spoke about the backing of partners and sponsors like Milwaukee Tools, which are offering incentives to motivate technicians to take part in the survey. The findings will be accessible on WrenchWay's website and social media channels.

Throughout the conversation, Goninen highlighted the need for industry data to be readily available to everyone, rather than restricted by paywalls. This strategy enables businesses and technicians to make educated decisions based on available information.

Goninen expressed excitement about the forthcoming survey and its potential to instigate constructive change within the industry. The discussion then transitioned to trends and forecasts for 2024, acknowledging the strides made in treating technicians with respect and enhancing work environments.

A substantial part of their dialogue focused on the importance of monthly staffing meetings. These gatherings allow shop leaders to converse about staffing requirements, succession planning and training needs. Goninen emphasized the significance of proactive strategies and sustained efforts to improve the staffing situation.

They also considered the benefits of gleaning insights from other industries and adopting their best practices to attract and retain talent. Goninen urged businesses to seek inspiration from successful strategies in other sectors and adapt them to the automotive industry.

Key Takeaways

As their conversation drew to a close, they reiterated the main points: using industry data, employing proactive staffing strategies, and drawing lessons from various industries are crucial for enacting positive change in the automotive industry.

For those seeking further insights, it was recommended listeners can tune into the Beyond the Wrench podcast and connect with Goninen and WrenchWay to remain informed and involved with the latest industry trends.

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