Collision Vision Podcast: Taking Advantage of an EV Future with Kelly Logan

On this episode, we’ll discuss electrification and the future of collision, Rivian and its OE certification program, autonomous driving, and so much more.


This is a nostalgic time of year. That nostalgia, combined with a continued flurry of conversations around the world of EVs, brings us back to an earlier episode which featured Kelly Logan, senior manager of Rivian's collision repair division. Kelly has tons of experience in collision repair, body shop equipment, and something we’ll talk at length in this episode---collision repair within the world of EV OEs. On this episode, we’ll discuss electrification and the future of collision, Rivian and its OE certification program, autonomous driving, and so much more. We hope you enjoy this revisited "From the Vault" episode of The Collision Vision.

Episode Overview

As the conversation begins, Kelly divulges his vast experience in the collision industry, drawing on his tenure with prestigious companies like BMW and Tesla. The journey through his career spans from his work at Car-O-Liner to owning his own collision center, before arriving at his current position as senior manager of collision repair programs at Rivian.

Interesting fact---Rivian boasts a dedicated team of 42 professionals who handle everything concerning collision repair. From operations to engineering, they've got all bases covered, even including an innovative collision R&D workshop in California for research and validating repair procedures.

In the past year alone, Rivian launched three groundbreaking cars: the R1T pickup, EDV vans for Amazonand the R1S SUV. These vehicles have redefined the industry but also posed unique collision repair challenges.

Kelly breaks these complexities down for host Cole Strandberg, delving into the intricate tasks of repairing vehicles with tight tolerances, a mix of different materials, and cutting-edge technologies like cameras, radars and ultrasonic sensors. For experts in the collision industry, this brings forth a whole new set of tasks and competencies.

And when it comes to electric vehicles, Kelly is a seasoned player, having been part of the EV scene for a decade. He enlightens Cole on the nuances of repairing these complex computers on wheels.

In this electrifying episode, Cole gleans from Kelly that with the proper training, suitable tools and strategic partnerships, collision centers are perfectly capable of adapting to the dynamic industry. Rivian's certified collision network offers ongoing support to collision centers, supplying specialized tools including high-voltage safety equipment.

For collision repair shops interested in specializing in Rivian vehicles, this episode is nothing short of a treasure trove of insights and knowledge. It explores the specific tools and training required, including the John Bean TruPoint ADAS calibration tool, and exciting virtual training opportunities on the horizon.

What's more, Rivian is working closely with reputable companies like Amazon for fleet collision centers, given their impressive order of 100,000 EVs from Rivian. This offers fantastic growth opportunities for the collision industry, leveraging Rivian's investments and the escalating future of EVs.

The invitation now is for listeners to tune in to this electrifying episode and discover the future of EV collision repair. Be sure to review the show notes for further information on Rivian's certification process and how collision centers can become part of their network. This is an opportunity not to be missed!

Key Takeaways

1. New vehicles are going to continue to demand new tooling and technology that collision shops will need in order to perform proper repairs.
2. OEM certifications are going to become more important to keep collision centers up to date on new technologies.
3. It is critical that collision centers stay up to date with the latest OEM service information, regardless of vehicle brand. Following strict OEM procedures will continue to be more important as we progress into a larger EV culture.

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Topics Discussed

  • Electrification
  • Rivian's OE certification program
  • Autonomous driving
  • Kelly Logan's background in the collision industry
  • Tesla approved body repair program
  • Rivian's collision repair team and facilities
  • Mixed materials and alternative joining methods
  • EV repair challenges and specialized tools
  • Rivian's certified collision network and partnerships
  • Training programs for collision centers
  • Autonomous driving technology and challenges in the collision industry

Entities Mentioned

  • Rivian
  • Kelly Logan
  • BMW
  • Tesla
  • Car-O-Liner
  • Amazon

For more information on Rivian's certification process, email Interested collision centers can apply to join Rivian's network through the provided email.

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