Collision Repairers Can Help Consumers Understand Differences Among Insurers


Collision repairers are well aware there are differences among the auto insurers selling policies in their state. The annual Insurer Report Card, now launched, is the industry’s way to communicate those differences to consumers.

“Shops see on a daily basis which insurers really stand behind their promise to deliver top-quality repairs and customer service after an accident,” said John Yoswick, the editor of CRASH Network, which conducts the Insurer Report Card. “The Insurer Report Card helps amplify the voice of the collision repair industry to get their unique perspective out to vehicle owners. It also gives the highest-graded insurance companies another way to communicate what sets them apart from the companies that receive lower grades from shops.”

More than 1,000 collision repair professionals each year grade the performance of the auto insurers in their state through CRASH Network’s Insurer Report Card---and the insurance companies and consumers are paying attention.

Insurers like Chubb and Acuity that have consistently received top grades tout that in their marketing and social media. Yoswick said other organizations, like Forbes Advisor and CNET, that also offer independent information to consumers about financial decisions, now incorporate the Insurer Report Card grades into their auto insurance rankings.

The latest Insurer Report Card is now open to shops at

It asks collision repairers to grade each company---from "A+" to an "F"---based on how well the insurers' claims practices help ensure quality repairs and customer service.

“Because each state has a different mix of insurers, the Insurer Report Card allows repairers to grade insurers specific to their state,” Yoswick said. “That makes it far more extensive than similar surveys, which generally focus on only the 10 largest national insurers. The results of the Insurer Report Card can help consumers know, for example, if some smaller or regional insurers they may not be as familiar with are really great at taking care of customers.”

The Insurer Report Card can be completed in less than three minutes---though shops are encouraged to spend time to explain why they gave each insurer the grade they did---and all individual shop grades and identification information will remain confidential.

Shops that complete the Insurer Report Card and provide an email address will be sent the results to share with their customers, at no charge, once they are compiled.

Shops can click here to grade the insurers.

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Source: CRASH Network

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