College of Lake County’s Collision Repair Program Receives Equipment, Training Donation


To help make sure students are getting the best education, College of Lake County (CLC) in Illinois works to get students the best equipment to learn and practice with.

A donation to the auto collision and repair program from the Alliance of Automotive Services Providers of Illinois (AASPI) gave students a KECO glue pulling system and a one-day onsite training for faculty and students.

A KECO glue pulling system is used to remove dents from vehicles in a way less likely to cause damage. The students and faculty were trained in how to use it onsite at CLC.

“I was honored to have been invited to attend the training along with several of my colleagues,” said CLC student Luis Guevara. “I was impressed with the versatility of the glue pulling system and its many advantages and speed in the use of the system. I was able to apply what I learned that Friday during training right away on Monday at work.”

AASPI was introduced to CLC’s program by adjunct faculty Eddie Santiago, who has taught at CLC for six years and is a member of the AASPI Board of Directors. Members of AASPI, including Executive Director Julie Lombardo, toured the college’s facility in June.

Impressed by the facility and course curriculum, Lombardo submitted a nomination on behalf of CLC’s ACR program to the KECO Quarterly Collision Educators Giveaway to try and further help the program.

“AASPI is committed to the cutting-edge technological advancement of the collision repair industry,” said AASPI President Bob Gottfred. “The synergies represented in introducing the KECO Advanced Glue Pulling System at the College of Lake County are emblematic. Merging high-end technical training at the college level prepares graduating students with the knowledge to hit the ground running in their careers.”

Obtaining newer and more modern machinery gives CLC students the chance to gain skills and experience they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to until they started their career.

“Working with industry is very important for the ACR program because we pride ourselves in staying current and exposing students to valuable networking opportunities with our industry partners,” said ACR Department Chair Octavio Cavazos.

Source: College of Lake County

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