CO Woman Tracks Down Stolen Car, Gets Shot

CO Woman Tracks Down Stolen Car, Gets Shot

If you use a GPS tracker to pinpoint where your stolen car has been taken, be careful when getting it back. A woman in Aurora, CO, learned that the hard way when she turned on the Apple AirTag hidden in her stolen 2020 Kia Optima, found it and was shot. 

According to KDVR, the woman tracked down the stolen Kia after it was swiped on the afternoon of July 9. That evening she went to get it back, but as she approached her vehicle, someone shot her in the hand. The woman then went to the hospital for treatment.

Later that same night, police spotted the Kia Optima and a chase ensued. According to KDVR, officers tried to PIT the vehicle several times but couldn’t. Also, one of the department’s Chevy Tahoes hit another car during the chase. Officers found the Kia abandoned later, the three suspects who had been inside having long since taken off.

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