CIF Announces 3M as Annual Donor


The Collision Industry Foundation (CIF) is delighted to announce 3M has joined in the CIF Annual Donor Program at the Urgent Care tier with a $5,000 pledge.

The Annual Donor Program was designed to bring needed, recurring resources to the foundation, so it can deliver on its mission to ‘Answer the Call’ when those in the industry have been impacted by unforeseen catastrophic events.

“As large as the collision industry has grown, it is still a close-knit community---one that 3M has been lucky enough to be a part of for well over 100 years. We’re family, friends and neighbors. Supporting shops through good times and bad is just part of our DNA, so working with CIF to help those in need is an easy decision,” said Jason Scharton, global expertise delivery manager for 3M Automotive Aftermarket.

“For many years, 3M has been known as a steady supporter of this industry and of the CIF cause. We are grateful that 3M also joined the CIF Annual Donor program,” said Petra Schroeder, "Collisionista" and CIF trustee. "The generous donation will assist fellow industry men and women in time of need."

Source: Collision Industry Foundation

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