CIECA Welcomes New Member Opus IVS


Opus IVS (Intelligent Vehicle Support) has joined CIECA as a corporate member. 

Established in 2020, the company focuses on helping the vehicle maintenance and collision industry safely repair and maintain complex vehicles through OEM-approved diagnostic tools, remote services and live repair assistance. 

Opus IVS was formed from a consortium of companies, including Drew Technologies, Autologic, AutoEnginuity, Farsight, Bluelink and Auto Techcelerators. The earliest, Drew Technologies, was established in 1996. 

Approximately 400 employees work for Opus IVS in seven offices spread over three continents. The company is a part of Opus Group, a global inspection company with more than 2,700 employees worldwide. Opus Group's largest owner is Searchlight Capital.

Opus IVS learned about CIECA through the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) and other organizations and personnel. After working with MSOs that needed data integration, Opus IVS decided to join CIECA.

“We are very excited about our CIECA membership to be able to meet and work with other organizations that are utilizing CIECA standards,” said Brian Herron, CEO of Opus IVS. “We believe CIECA standards are important for the industry and Opus IVS because they help companies like us share data utilizing a standard format.”

Herron said CIECA standards also allow the company and the industry to implement integrations quicker. 

“We look forward to meeting and working with other CIECA members to enhance existing standards and create new ones,” said Herron. “We also plan to get involved in CIECA committees and attend future events.”

Source: CIECA

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