CIECA Reactivates Vehicle Damage and Imaging (VDI)/Estimating Committee

All industry stakeholders are invited to join.

CIECA-Vehicle Damage and Imaging (VDI)/Estimating Committee-Phil-Martinez
Phil Martinez, chair of the reactivated committee.

CIECA announced the reactivation of the Standards Development Committee focused on Vehicle Damage and Imaging (VDI)/Estimating. The committee will be chaired by CIECA Past Chair Phil Martinez, principal technical consultant at Mitchell International, an Enlyte company.

“Now that new CIECA API Standards (CAPIS) are available from CIECA, the VDI committee will be looking to develop Assignment and Estimate messages using the new OpenAPI standards,” said Martinez.

The VDI committee will first focus on a JSON standard for existing Assignment messages. Next, committee members will evaluate the type of messages needed for the data generated by estimating systems and consumers of that data.

All industry stakeholders, including CIECA and non-CIECA members, are invited to join.

“Industry members looking to exchange information between applications and systems using the latest technology are encouraged to get involved in the VDI Committee,” said Martinez. “It’s an excellent opportunity to help develop standards and messages to support company integrations.”

The VDI Committee was originally created in the early 2000s as a merger of two former CIECA Committees: Estimate Management Standard (EMS) and Repair Facility. The goal was to develop and maintain messaging standards and codes focused on the appraisal and/or restoration of a collision-damaged vehicle that incurred an insurance loss. Since its inception, the VDI Committee developed Assignment, Estimate, Photo Estimate, Invoice, Remittance, Claim Save and Towing messages in conjunction with CIECA’s Architecture Committee.

To join the committee, click here.

CIECA has Product and Project Standards Development Committees focusing on creating standards to address industry needs. For more information about joining a committee, visit the website or contact Paulette Reed at

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