CCC Launches New Cloud-Based Platform

The Intelligent Experience Cloud works with CCC's other solutions to move data more effectively, speeding up the repair process.


CCC Intelligent Solutions announced the introduction of its Intelligent Experience (IX) Cloud™ platform, a new event-driven architecture that overlays onto CCC’s existing cloud applications, customer workflows and customer and partner systems.

The platform is designed to offer more flexibility in how data is shared across CCC's solutions and the 35,000 businesses that connect to them, building on CCC’s decades of SaaS expertise and data stewardship.

Laura Weber, senior manager of public relations for CCC, said the CCC IX Cloud is the "center point" of CCC’s technology, powering its customer applications, including its CCC ONE Total Repair Platform.

"At the product and solution level, repairers will continue to interact with CCC ONE as they do today," she said.

"We hear from customers that they want to connect to ecosystem trading partners in new and more intelligent ways," Weber added. "For years, we’ve provided data point-to-point. The new intelligent architecture will allow data to move more efficiently across our network."

CCC is already using AI in its product offerings to speed up processes. The CCC IX Cloud will also use AI to flow data where it needs to go, based on customer rules and workflows.

"This way, authorized users will get access to data and get insights in the moments they need it, helping to speed up decision-making to take quicker, more confident action," Weber said.

"For example, a repair facility may receive a digital payment from an insurer once a claim has been auto approved," she said. "Another example, a consumer could share photos taken at the scene of the accident which flow through to the insurer, shop and even other ecosystem providers, such as parts suppliers.

Weber said the CCC IX Cloud is "designed to make life easier for everyone involved in a repair or claim experience -- the customer, business and employees. When data and insights are available at key moments across the repair, faster, more confident decisions can be made, speeding up the process and improving the consumer's experience."

The CCC IX Cloud was announced as part of CCC's new vision to "Make Life Just Work."

“Making Life Just Work is at the heart of what CCC has been doing for more than 40 years. Today, it becomes our official north star,” said Githesh Ramamurthy, chairman and CEO of CCC. “The industry is at an inflection point and customers are looking for ways to rapidly transform their businesses without disrupting existing operations. Our new intelligent architecture will help them deliver improved performance today while also providing a modern, flexible foundation from which customers can build and innovate for the future.”

“The only way to address the challenges facing the industry is by embracing a fundamentally new approach to human-centered technology,” said Marc Fredman, chief strategy officer for CCC. “Through the combination of data, advanced AI, and ecosystems, CCC is enabling our customers to transcend traditional boundaries and achieve unprecedented levels of success. With the CCC IX Cloud, CCC is not just envisioning a world where life just works, we're actively engineering it.”

Learn more about the CCC IX Cloud.

Abby Andrews

Abby Andrews is the editor and regular columnist of Autobody News.

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