CCC Information Services Inc. Merges, Will Go Public

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CCC Information Services Inc. and Dragoneer Growth Opportunities Corp. on Feb. 3 announced a definitive merger agreement between Dragoneer and CCC’s parent holding company.

Upon closing of the transaction, the combined company is expected to be renamed CCC Intelligent Solutions Holdings Inc. and is expected to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the second quarter of 2021. CCC’s mission-critical SaaS platform provides advanced AI, IoT, customer experience and network management workflow solutions to the P&C insurance economy. CCC enables more than $100 billion of transactions annually among a vast ecosystem of interconnected businesses.

CCC’s network includes thousands of customers including insurers, repair facilities, automotive manufacturers, parts suppliers and other industry participants who leverage CCC’s platform to digitize operations, improve business performance and power better decisions in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing market.

Under Chairman and CEO Githesh Ramamurthy, who will continue to lead the company following the close of the transaction, CCC expects to report approximately $600 million of revenue in 2020, and has delivered a consistent track record of profitable revenue growth for 20-plus years by focusing on delivering best-in-class innovations for its customers. “Today is an exciting day for CCC as our return to the public markets provides us with additional sources of capital to accelerate innovation and increase the value we provide customers,” said Ramamurthy. “Throughout our history, CCC has developed pioneering technology solutions focused on enabling growth, increasing efficiency and empowering new possibilities for all participants in the P&C insurance economy.

"We serve a large and interconnected market that is still in the early stages of digitizing its operations and is growing in complexity. We believe CCC is well positioned to support customer digitization in this dynamic market. “We are incredibly excited to begin this new partnership with Dragoneer, one of the most highly respected investors in the world, and to continue our relationship with Advent, who have been terrific partners for the past four years," Ramamurthy continued. "Together, I am confident CCC will continue to generate meaningful value for our customers and shareholders.” “Under Advent’s ownership, CCC has cemented itself as a leading SaaS platform for the P&C insurance ecosystem,” said Eric Wei, managing director at Advent. “Since 2017, we’ve partnered with Githesh and the CCC management team to accelerate organic growth through a focus on innovation, and we believe this sustained investment in R&D will deliver significant ROI for customers for decades to come.

"Advent is excited to partner with Dragoneer, with its preeminent technology investing franchise, to support CCC’s continued focus on digitally transforming the insurance economy. We have strong conviction in CCC’s growth potential and are not selling a single share as part of the transaction.” “CCC is one of those rare software companies that serves as the backbone of a critical industry---the P&C insurance economy,” said Marc Stad, founder and portfolio manager at Dragoneer. “As the products we use and the cars we drive become more and more sophisticated, insurers, consumers, manufacturers and service providers require increasing amounts of support and coordination whenever issues occur.

"CCC’s advanced technology platform enables the right groups to connect quickly and efficiently, and its twenty-plus years of profitable growth are a testament to the value the company provides to its customers. The CCC team’s impressive track record of execution and financial performance speaks for itself, and we are thrilled to partner with them and Advent as they work to realize their ambitious vision for the business.”

Source: CCC

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