CARSTAR Veteran Marks 20 Years of Commitment to Quality Collision Repair

Tom Martin, owner of three CARSTAR locations in Ohio, was recognized for achieving 20 years of service to the CARSTAR brand.

Tom Martin bought his first CARSTAR location in Ohio from a friend, and now owns three.

Tom Martin, owner of Sidney Body CARSTAR, Troy CARSTAR and Piqua CARSTAR in Ohio, recently marked his 20th year as a CARSTAR franchisee. With two decades of experience under his belt, Martin reflected on his journey and shared valuable insights from his long-standing commitment to the collision repair industry.

Martin's journey into the world of collision repair began at 15, when he was hired to paint the exterior of a body shop. Little did he know that this initial experience would ignite a lifelong passion. He dedicated himself to the industry, often pedaling his bicycle to the shop after school to lend a hand. As the years passed, his passion for collision repair grew stronger.

“Everyone says it all the time, but it’s crazy to see how much the industry has changed in just the 20+ years that I have been a part of it,” said Martin. “I’ve learned that anything is possible and these next 20 years could feature anything from improved safety and technology features, increased comfort options, and more disposable cars.”

A fateful ride with a driver who mentioned CARSTAR led Martin to explore the brand. He soon acquired a CARSTAR location from a friend.

"When I first joined CARSTAR, I felt a transformation into a legitimate business," Martin said. "Our sales nearly quadrupled, and the impact we could make in our community greatly expanded as well."

Today, Martin and his team engage with various organizations, including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Make-A-Wish. They once had the privilege of hosting a Make-A-Wish child ambassador, providing an unforgettable experience in their shop.

"Being a part of the community for two decades has allowed us to meet and make connections with all types of people," Martin said. "We truly treat our team like one big family and have had the pleasure of spending several meals and holidays together. We've watched many of our technicians achieve significant growth during their time with us."

Martin extended an invitation to independent shops seeking their next business move: "Come to our family and join the brand---we're cool!"

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