CAA Releases Update on California Legislative Bills


The California Legislature introduced more than 2,600 new bills this year. Many of these bills are "spot bills," place holders to be amended later with more substantive language.

CAA is still in the process of reviewing all the bills. Below are bills it has highlighted so far. As CAA continues to review the introduced bills and amendments, it will add to the list. CAA will continue to review, monitor and report.

Catalytic Converter Theft

AB 641 - Revises the definition of "automotive dismantler" to include a person who keeps two or more used catalytic converters cut from a vehicle using a sharp instrument.

AB 1519 - Requires automotive repair dealers (ARDs) that install or replace catalytic converters to permanently mark with VIN; requires smog check stations to visually inspect vehicles and determine whether the catalytic converter is marked with the VIN and notify the customer whether the converter is permanently marked.

SB 55 - Prohibits a dealer from selling a new vehicle with a catalytic converter unless the converter has been engraved or etched with the VIN.

Career Technical Educational

AB 290 - Increases funding to $450 million each year.

AB 377- Increases funding to $450 million each year.

AB 1189 - Declares the intent to establish legislation requiring school districts maintaining grades 7-12 to offer Career Technical Education.

AB 1346 - States the intent to enact legislation relating to career education and guidance.

Bureau of Automotive Repair

AB 1263 - Requires the BAR to send specified newsletters at least three times a year.

Hazardous Waste

AB 407 - Deletes the criterion that used oil not be subject to regulation as used oil under federal law.

AB 1614 - Requires State Water Resources to conduct a study on how to phase out the existence of gas fueling stations.

AB 1716 - Extends risk management prevention program by an operator of station source that is engaged in a manufacturing lithium battery.


AB 518 - Expands eligibility benefits for paid family leave.

AB 1100 - Declares the intent to establish a four-day workweek.

SB 616 - Modifies employer sick leave and requires an employee have no less than 56 hours of accrued sick leave.

SB 703 - Permits a nonexempt employee to request a flexible work schedule providing up to 10 hours per day within a 40-hour workweek without to obligation to pay overtime.

Vehicle Batteries

AB 1579 - States intent to enact legislation that beginning 2035, electric vehicles used for state purposes to be equipped with lithium-ion batteries sourced from operations with near zero carbon footprints.

SB 615 - Requires an ARD to be responsible for ensuring responsible end-of-life management of an electric battery once it is removed from a vehicle. 

Zero Emissions Aftermarket

SB 301 - Requires CARB to establish the Zero Emissions Aftermarket project to provide an applicant with a rebate for a vehicle that has been converted to a zero-emission vehicle.

Source: CAA

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