'Body Bangin’' Podcast Focuses on Hot Industry Topics

'Body Bangin’' Podcast Focuses on Hot Industry Topics

Back in the 1980s, podcasting was known as "audio blogging" and there were less than 200 of them in existence. With the advent of broadband internet access and portable digital audio playback devices such as the iPod, podcasting began to catch hold in late 2004.

It’s hard to believe podcasts are more than 15 years old.

Now there are more than 115,000 English-language podcasts available on the internet, and dozens of websites available for distribution at little or no cost to the producer or listener. There are now approximately 42 million Americans above the age of 12 who listen to podcasts at least weekly.

Collision repair professionals from all backgrounds are now using this platform to spread valuable information about topics from painting cars to rebuilding them and everything in between.

One new podcast already getting attention industry-wide is "Body Bangin’," hosted by Micki Woods (formerly Hazz), a weekly 30– to 45-minute podcast available on several platforms, including YouTube, Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The show’s tagline is “All Things Body…Auto Body That Is!”

Woods is the owner of Micki Woods Marketing, and describes herself as a marketing and business growth specialist for the collision industry. As a former shop owner, she understands there is a plethora of information out there, but how can it be communicated clearly and presented in a way that is also engaging?

Woods wants people to use her podcasts to be more educated about different aspects of the business, as well as gathering helpful takeaways from each episode.

“I think that sometimes it seems like we are trying to drink out of a fire hose, yet we are so thirsty for more and more quality information that is timely, accurate and entertaining,” she said. “On the 'Body Bangin'' podcast, we make sure to have a fun time while dealing with small and large topics with a variety of guests from around the globe. I break things down in each episode, so that my listeners can leave with something tangible that they can take back to their collision centers and make a difference.”

Woods’ guests are collision repair professionals from all segments of the industry who are knowledgeable and willing to share it with the world. Some of her guests to date have included industry consultant John Stuef, on “Effective Shop Changes without a Full Revamp”; marketing expert Frank Terlep, on “ADAS and Calibration Tools to Make Our lives Easier and Protect Our A$$es”; managing partner at Louisville Collision Center Steve Olsen, on “What Social Media and Customer Service Thinking Outside-of-the-Box Looks Like”; Beth Rutter with Tradiebot Industries, on “Train Your Employees Using Virtual Reality---Yes, I’m Real!”; consultant Rick Selover, “Tweaking Your Mindset and Your Habits to Achieve Maximum Success”; and WrenchWay’s Director of Strategic Partnerships Christen Battaglia, on “3 Ways Shops Can Connect with Local Schools and Recruit New Techs.”

Other guests have included I-CAR instructor Abe Sells, MSO veteran Jim Huard and shop owner Mike Townley.

"Body Bangin'" is gaining momentum as its audience grows at a rapid rate, and Woods is excited about its future.

“I can see we’re gaining some traction; people are watching and listening to it more. People I’ve never met before are reaching out to share their love for the show and the content,” she said. “I’ll be producing a new show every week, and I value everyone’s feedback, so check it out and don’t forget to let us know what you think.”

In 2007, Woods purchased Casa de Cadillac Body Shop in Van Nuys, CA, and jumped into the collision repair industry with both feet. When the economy started to lag in 2010, Woods had to close her shop’s doors, but she immediately landed a job with the largest collision center in the area and began helping them with their marketing and advertising.

Initially, Woods worked part-time at the body shop due to her busy life with her twin daughters. She later became full-time and handled every aspect of marketing for the shop.

Upon the death of the shop’s owner, Woods realized she could help different types of companies grow their businesses by starting her own company.

Once she saw she had a knack for creating successful marketing plans and could execute them, Woods founded Micki Woods Marketing.

“I specialize in drilling down on what your core customer is looking for, finding the weak spots in your business and flipping things on their head to create a solid strategy and action plan that drives business to your door.”

Woods’ ownership background, marketing specific skills and 15-plus years in the industry help her find and bring some of our industry’s most important topics to the forefront and deal with them head on. Add in a dallop of her charisma, and you are sure to have a good time while receiving useful and quality information and take-aways.

Ed Attanasio

Ed Attanasio is an automotive journalist and Autobody News columnist based in San Francisco.

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