Autel Energy to Unveil Revolutionary MaxiCharger at CES 2024


The MaxiCharger DC HiPower redefines what users can expect from EV charging solutions with several key features.

Autel Energy is set to revolutionize the EV charging experience with its latest offering, the MaxiCharger DC HiPower, which it will showcase at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Jan. 9-12, 2024, in Las Vegas, presenting a leap forward in EV charging capabilities.

The MaxiCharger DC HiPower distinguishes itself with several key features, redefining what users can expect from EV charging solutions, including an impressive maximum output power of 640 kW. Its liquid-cooling technology enables it to provide up to a 250-mile range in just 10 minutes, setting a new industry standard for charging speed and efficiency.

"We are ready to return to CES with the most thrilling and advanced charging solutions imaginable," said Shane Long, CTO of Autel Energy US. "We are committed to being this industry's leader by providing the ultimate comprehensive charging experience to consumers while promoting the transition to a greener future through our cutting-edge technology."

The MaxiCharger DC HiPower's intelligent operation is another highlight, featuring Autel's Energy Cube and AI-driven switching algorithms. This innovation optimizes power efficiency and reduces costs, ensuring minimal power consumption while enhancing station performance. The charger's compatibility rate with vehicles stands at an impressive 99.5%, coupled with a 99.5% success rate for single-time charging.

Designed to be scalable and future-proof, the MaxiCharger starts at 320 kW and can be expanded to 640 kW. It is compatible with solar power, energy storage and energy management systems (EMS). Moreover, its capacity to charge up to eight vehicles simultaneously addresses the growing need for high-powered, efficient charging solutions.

Autel Energy recently inaugurated an advanced manufacturing facility in Greensboro, NC, producing NEVI (National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure) and BABA (Build America, Buy America Act) compliant chargers, positioning Autel to meet the rising demand for high-powered commercial EV chargers in the U.S. and Canada.

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