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People who live and drive in Arizona should brace themselves for higher auto insurance premiums. A new law is increasing the minimum amount of coverage required and this will result in higher rates for most drivers.

As Texas grapples with soaring coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, local elected officials in some of the state’s most populous counties are asking Gov. Greg Abbott to roll back business reopenings and allow them to reinstate stay-at-home orders for their communities in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.

Gov. Doug Ducey struck a dire tone June 25, warning that Arizonans who attended large gatherings are fueling the spread of COVID-19. 

Gov. Greg Abbott on June 26 took his most drastic action yet to respond to the post-reopening coronavirus surge in Texas, shutting bars back down and scaling back restaurant capacity to 50%.

Tesla’s plans for its Cybertruck Gigafactory in Travis County, TX, have received some strong opposition from Matt Mackowiak, chairman of the Travis County GOP.

With cases of the coronavirus surging to record levels in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott recommended June 23 that Texans stay home as much as possible and for the first time moved to allow the tightening of two kinds of restrictions that had been eased under his reopening plan.

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