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As part of a citywide effort to save money on fuel, the police department has purchased a fleet of new fuel-efficient cars, Sgt. John Jordan said.

AADRA Instrumental in Halting Bills Attempting to Alter Alabamas Salvage Vehicle Purchase Provisions

The Alabama Automotive Dismantlers and Recyclers Association (AADRA) claimed victory last week as bills to open auto salvage pools to unlicensed individuals were halted from hearings before the Alabama Legislature due to strong opposition from consumers and industry.

Is it any kid’s goal to grow up to be an automotive parts dealer? How about two kids who end up revolutionizing the parts business? This is the story of Nick Bossinakis and Sib Bahjat who have done just that.
Friday, 03 October 2008 09:32

Texas To Get Most Disaster Aid Dollars

Most of about $23 billion in disaster recovery aid in the $634B 2009 Federal budget is for Hurricane Ike. The money is divided among agencies and programs. Reportedly the spending bill also includes about 2,000 earmarks.

San Antonio, TX, police are crediting a local recycler with helping them bust a reported metal theft.

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