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Heartland Automotive Services, Inc., America's largest Jiffy Lube Franchisee, announced the acquisition of Kerr Enterprises, Inc, dba Texaco Xpress Lube, the operator of Texaco Xpress retail service centers throughout Louisiana in late October. The integration of the Texaco Xpress stores will broaden the footprint Heartland Automotive established earlier this year with the acquisition of Cajun Lube and CCR Lube stores. Heartland Automotive now operates 16 stores throughout the Louisiana market. The addition of these stores bolsters their presence in LA and continues to strengthen the company's base in the Southern United States in preparation for future expansion.

Jiffy Lube Heartland is trusted by consumers and recognized by the industry as the best place for quick professional vehicle care. The company accomplishes this by exceeding guests' expectations everyday with consistent "Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change" delivered through a dedicated organization of friendly, knowledgeable, and professional teammates. The company is committed to leading the quick lube industry with clean, safe, and attractive facilities; well trained and courteous teammates; respect for the environment and recycling; and by providing the highest quality Pennzoil® products and important vehicle maintenance services to ensure they are the first choice of every consumer.

November's nationwide Midterm Elections had a lot of states changing their Insurance Commissioner and Attorney General posts, possibly affecting legislation pertaining to insurers and the collision repair industry. Here are the results by state:

New Mexico Attorney General:
Gary King (D-Incumbent)
Matthew Chandler (R)

Texas Attorney General:
Greg Abbott (R_Incumbent)
Barbara Ann Radnofsky (D)
Jon Roland (Libertarian)

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner:
John Doak (R)
Kim Holland (D-Incumbent)

The Automotive Management Institute (AMI) honored its 17th class of Accredited Automotive Managers (AAMs) on Oct. 11, 2010. The graduating class of 2010 had 95 automotive service professionals who earned the Institute’s prestigious AAM designation by successfully completing AMI courses and accumulating a minimum of 120 credits.

The continuing education offered by the Institute helps automotive service professionals improve their business management skills. In addition to providing business management classes, the Institute offers the AAM designation, the industry’s first business education accreditation.

The Houston Police Department has been drafting a new city ordinance with the help of the Houston Auto Body Association (HABA) aiming to protect consumers from body shops overcharging or charging for work that hasn’t been done to vehicles.

According to Sergeant Michael Provost, of Houston Police Department Vehicular Crimes Division, Houston has no regulations when it comes to automotive repair facilities and this has caused problems for consumers—especially those whose vehicles are coming directly from the accident scene while an owner is taken to the hospital.

A door-to-door insurance salesman in Garfield County, Okla., is believed to be casing out homes while trying to sell insurance policies.

Sheriff’s deputies told KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City that the salesman is employing high-pressure sales tactics, asking when a spouse might be home as a means to determining when the home might be unoccupied.

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise in Killeen, TX. Tracey Williams, owner of Affordable Towing & Recovery in Killeen, told the Killeen Daily Herald that one of her impound yards was hit multiple times.

“They’re just jumping fences and cutting catalytic converters off cars,” she said. “They are getting rid of them and selling copper.”