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Nacogdoches Fire Department Chief Keith Kiplinger said it took all five engines and four hours to contain a fire that left Venegas Auto Sales, 1124 Douglass Road, a pile of ashes and scorched metal.

Swoop-and-Squat Just One of the Organized Crash Scams in Collision and Medical Fraud

The FBI calls it “Operation Bumper Cars” and Dallas FBI agents have been infiltrating staged car accident conspiracy rings which they perceive to be a resurgent problem in North Texas, particularly for medical insurance fraud.

Farmers Group Inc. is planning on offering a new discount on car insurance policies for Texas customers who have their vehicles equipped with electronic stability control technology.

" If your car is damaged, your insurance carrier can RECOMMEND a repair shop.  But telling you that you CAN'T or SHOULDN'T go to a certain shop is illegal under Texas state law..."