Thursday, 05 August 2021 19:10

On The Lighter Side: Dealership Technician Takes C8 Corvette For Joyride

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious


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And there’s video evidence of a freeway race…

A C8 Corvette owner recently posted video evidence of a Fremont Chevrolet technician taking his mid-engine sports car for a joyride on the freeway. This is the sort of thing any enthusiast’s nightmares are made of, because you hope dealership employees would be professional enough to not do this sort of thing.


The whole joyride romp was captured on the Chevrolet’s Performance Data Recorder, so you not only get the video but also performance metrics, including speed.


Dealership Technician Takes C8 Corvette For Joyride 3


The video, which was taken on July 31 and is included with this article, shows the dealership technician push the C8 Corvette up to 148 mph while pursuing a Dodge Charger. The Fremont Chevrolet employee never catches up to the Mopar, which we’re sure will entertain some people.


Dealership Technician Takes C8 Corvette For Joyride


More importantly, during the race, both cars put everyone on the crowded freeway at risk. The drivers swerve in and out of lanes, cutting dangerously close to other cars multiple times, and of course aren’t bothering to signal. They’re both exceeding the speed limit by enough we’d bet a police officer could’ve arrested the drivers and impounded the cars.

After racing the Dodge Charger on the crowded freeway, you can hear the dealership employee screaming for joy while sitting on an off-ramp and later as he’s driving on surface streets. Then he pushes the mid-engine Corvette up to 76 mph...

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