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Marlborough, MA, Girl Scouts teamed up with Al Brodeur’s Auto Body to host a successful food drive to benefit the city’s food pantry, the Community Cupboard

With COVID-19 dramatically affecting collision repair businesses in New Jersey over the past several months, the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of New Jersey (AASP/NJ) has been actively assisting several shops in ensuring that their auto body licenses will be renewed for the next two years.

The following statement can be attributed to Bill Hanvey, president and CEO, Auto Care Association:

On Nov. 3, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly voted “yes” on question No. 1 of the state election ballot, thereby approving the initiative law to enhance, update and protect the 2013 Motor Vehicle Right to Repair Law as an amendment to the Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Right to Repair Act.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health said Nov. 17 residents should wear masks in all settings---even if socially distanced---and avoid traveling, if possible.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020 18:50

Car Part Thefts Plague Rome, NY, Businesses

For more than a year now, the city of Rome, NY, has been hit by a rash of catalytic converter thefts, mostly at businesses such as auto body shops and used car lots, police report.