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Massachusetts voters are deciding in this year’s election on whether they---and not the vehicle manufacturers---have control over the repair data generated by the vehicle they purchased.

New Jersey is joining California in calling for a future ban on the sale of gasoline-powered motor vehicles to combat global warming.

Maryland Auto Insurance has launched an initiative aimed at combatting auto insurance fraud in Maryland.

Love is in the air for deer and that’s bad news for motorists who travel the roads of southeastern Massachusetts.

On Oct. 8, a deserving U.S. Marine Corps veteran experienced a life-changing event---the presentation of a vehicle to provide him reliable transportation to carry out his important mission of serving veterans and frontline workers in need.

Boston-area TV channels have been awash in commercials about a “right to repair” referendum in Massachusetts, but New Hampshire viewers should know it’s very different than a “right to repair” bill being studied in this state.

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