Due to a reduction in severity of claims, the Automobile Club of Southern California (Auto Club) has said it is reducing its rates. Insurer USAA made a similar announcement that applies to all 50 states. 

Automaker efforts to limit repairs of some of their vehicles to shops that participate in the OEM's shop certification program drew some fire from attendees at the Collision Industry Conference (CIC). 

The Joint Sunset Review Committee and the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has issued recommendations to the California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR). These recommendations are similar to those submitted to the Sunset Review Committee by the DCA Director Charlene Zettel in early June, with one notable exception and two additional recommendations (see June ABN). 

Wednesday, 30 June 2004 17:00

Full text of Arizona House Bill 2468

In May Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano signed into law House Bill 2468. HB 2468 includes anti-steering provisions that protect consumer choice and place limitations on the claims adjuster making repair decisions, thereby protecting the competitive market. The bill has mandatory reporting requirements with stiff penalties for violations of the bill. 

Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi has announced that received workers' compensation rate filings illustrate a downward trend, but still fall short of his pure premium rate advisory of -20.9 percent issued on May 28, 2004. 

Saturday, 31 July 2004 17:00

Sterling sued for avoiding overtime pay

Two former employees of Sterling Autobody Centers filed a lawsuit against their former employer charging federal labor law violations that allegedly resulted in employees not receiving overtime pay. The suit seeks class action status on behalf of Sterling employees across the country.