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The United States’ Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals three-judge panel ruled to dismiss Dan Wilson’s lawsuit which highlighted employee benefit plan issues at Safelite Group, Inc. (Safelite).

A recent video shared by tweet courtesy of Spencer Uttley has set the Internet a-roar with regard to the future of driverless transport vehicles.

A joint venture between Ford and Volkswagen (VW) was announced on Friday, July 12.

Monday, 15 July 2019 21:48

On the Lighter Side: Flying Cars May Be Taking off Soon

Written by Ariella Brown, Interesting Engineering

Do you dream of flying? The founders of NFT do. Their vision is not just of attaining flight but putting it within reach of individuals—and not just wealthy ones.

Monday, 15 July 2019 21:13

On the Lighter Side: Top Ten Most Expensive Car Auctions

Written by Christopher McFadden, Interesting Engineering

Cars - either they're beauty incarnate in machine-form or just a tool, usually overpriced, to get you to from A to B.

Nearly 400 students were recently selected to receive scholarships totaling a record-setting $557,600.

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