Regional News

Keep up with the latest collision repair industry news in your area.

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Lithia Motors Acquires Top Buick GMC Dealerships in Memphis
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  • July 2024
  • AL · FL · GA · MS · NC
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Rhode Island Tops U.S. for Average Collision Repair Costs
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  • July 2024
  • CT · DE · ME · MD · MA · NH
  • NJ · NY · PA · RI · VT
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Michigan Bill Aims to Ease Burden on Auto Repair Shops
  • midwest
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  • July 2024
  • IL · IN · IA · KS · KY · MI · MN
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Regional News

Keep up with the latest collision repair industry news in your area.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

  • 1Collision Rebrands as CSN Collision


    Recent acquisitions have also expanded the MSO's locations to 82 locations nationwide.

  • 4 Companies Unite to Become US Auto Supply


    4 Companies Unite to Become US Auto Supply

    PublishedAug. 15, 2023

    Four industry leading automotive brands---Collision Services, Auto Body Toolmart, I/D/E/A and Sid Savage---on Aug. 14 unveiled their new, unified identity as US Auto Supply, setting a new legacy in the automotive supply sector.

    Stemming from their roots with former parent company Whitewater Brands, this transformative move will see US Auto Supply harnessing more than two centuries of combined expertise among the four brands to become the leading provider of automotive supplies and solutions to automotive repair companies, dealerships and hobbyists nationwide.

    With its roots as a catalog and online retailer under the four brands, US Auto Supply unveiled its newly designed one-stop online platform, delivering a wider array of the best products and services through a streamlined shopping experience. US Auto Supply's customer base can expect a deeper level of expertise and product knowledge from one united and growing team constantly monitoring the marketplace to deliver the best value, exemplifying the company's mission to partner with its customers through innovation, quality and service.

    "We see this rebranding as not just a change in name but a renewed commitment to our vendors, customers and the automotive industry," said Joel Marica, president of US Auto Supply. "Our individual brands have stood alone for many years as category leaders, and by unifying as US Auto Supply, we are bringing together the best of each to create a single entity that is more than the sum of its parts. This rebrand signals a new era for us, and we couldn't be more thrilled to embark on this journey alongside our valued partners and customers."

    Encompassing products across diverse automotive categories including parts handling, equipment, repair tools (glass, aluminum, steel, plastic), painting and refinishing, customizable marketing and promotional items, selling and advertising tools, front office administration and workflow, US Auto Supply's unique product mix is all geared toward the same goal: improving the efficiency, productivity, profitability and employee and customer experience of its clientele.

    In addition to more than 20,000 current product offerings, US Auto Supply has immediate plans to offer updates on current best-selling products, with improved delivery options and competitive price points to show their commitment to a growing customer base and establish their position as the go to industry partner to collision and mechanical repair shops, dealerships, restoration businesses, DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists.

    US Auto Supply is committed to making every customer feel appreciated and well-served, whether they're an experienced professional or a car hobbyist. Explore more or shop at US Auto Supply's updated online platform by visiting

    Source: US Auto Supply

  • A Deeper Look at Crash Champions' Merger with Service King

    A Deeper Look at Crash Champions' Merger with Service King

    Written by David Roberts, managing director of Focus Advisors

    After months of speculation about the future of Service King, a blockbuster merger with Crash Champions was announced to Service King managers on July 15.

    The two consolidators will merge and create a 550+ shop operation with upwards of $2 billion in annualized sales.

    While still smaller than Gerber and far behind Caliber, this new entity will be competing coast to coast with its two larger national competitors, as well as six smaller super-regional MSOs: the fast-growing Classic Collision with nearly 200 shops, Joe HudsonCollision RightKaizen CollisionQuality CollisionVive Collision and three more emerging private equity investors who have yet to reveal their first platforms.

    Crash set out three years ago to compete directly with Caliber, Gerber and Service King. It found an aggressive financial partner in Alvarez & Marsal Capital. They proved they could rapidly acquire and build an extensive, experienced management team.

    A New Sponsor and a Strategic Combination

    For much of the last six months, Crash’s investment bank was circulating an extensive investment memorandum, seeking a new private equity sponsor. The interest was substantial because of the aggressive growth under Matt Ebert’s leadership, the management team he had assembled and the extensive pipeline of prospective acquisitions.

    During the same period, the investors in Service King were looking for a resolution to its deteriorating financial performance. Clearlake Capital, which has multiple investment mandates including investing in debt securities, acquired a control position in the Service King bonds. This position allowed them to negotiate a debt conversion to new equity and an extension of other debt obligations. In addition, Clearlake injected a reported $200 million in cash.

    Crash was looking for capital to continue its rapid growth. Clearlake was looking for a partner to help manage a billion dollar investment in collision repair. The resulting merger is a combination of a deep pocketed capital sponsor, extensive management team, geographic penetration and scale that now rivals its two biggest competitors.

    Crash Champions has gained a major influx of assets and probably some cash as well. We don't know exactly what the combined balance sheet will look like, but total debt to capital will be much more reasonable for the combined companies. We would expect Crash’s acquisition program would be more subdued for a period as it integrates the Service King shops.

    However, given the success of their program in the last three years, there is probably a substantial pipeline of commitments that will be completed. And the deep pockets of Clearlake will likely allow Crash to contemplate many, as well as larger, transactions.


    Huge increase in revenues and scale. Unusual opportunities to attain years’ worth of acquisition and revenue growth seldom present themselves in the collision repair industry. Crash and Clearlake seized that opportunity.

    Complementary footprints. Overlapping markets are strengthened while entry into new markets is extensive for Crash.

    Improved negotiating power with insurance companies. Capacity in many markets is under severe constraints with longer and longer length-of-repair periods. In many markets, finding capacity for damaged vehicles is driving up reimbursement rates to the benefit of scaled operations with excess or repurposed capacity that can adjust to demand.

    Improved purchasing. From paint to parts to consumables to sublet services, scale has increased the advantages to the largest consolidators.

    Spreading overhead. Merging the back offices of the two entities will yield considerable savings and standardization.


    Integration. Writing checks to make acquisitions is the easy part of expanding. Integrating the operations and maintaining margins is the larger challenge. This said, Clearlake has a strong track record of building platforms and integrating add-ons.

    Technician retention. Every competitor will be seeking to pry away technicians during the uncertainty of integration.

    Merging management teams. Despite the prior experience of many Crash executives working for Service King, merging functions and staffing is always fraught with different operating styles, divergent histories, success and disappointments.

    A Reunion of Sorts

    In some ways, the merger represents a reunion of key members of former Service King executives with the assets they used to manage. There are dozens of former Service King managers and executives who comprise the senior and mid-level leadership of Crash Champions. It is not unreasonable to imagine this team has learned some new lessons since departing Service King and joining Crash that will allow them to more effectively integrate the two organizations.

    Expanded Footprint

    Crash Champions has been building out across the country in multiple attractive markets---Southern and Northern California, Florida, Colorado, Chicago, Wisconsin, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.

    Service King had an enviable footprint across the West, Southwest, Texas and Chicago.

    The two firms overlapped in some markets where neither was dominant. The combined numbers in these markets are considerably more scalable and efficient. In other markets, each had considerable scale without duplicating the other’s positions.

    With the merger, Crash enters 12 new states and several of the fastest growing metropolitan areas around the country such as Nashville, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Little Rock and Charlotte. The expansion from Philadelphia to Miami with major opportunities in Washington, D.C., Charlotte, Atlanta and all the Florida cities provide a highly credible East Coast footprint.

    In the Upper Midwest, with Chicago and Wisconsin, Detroit and Ohio, Crash stakes out another region for further expansion. In the Mountain and Southwest states, Crash becomes a dominant player from Idaho and Montana to Arizona including Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

    The best markets however are the largest. First Texas, then Northern and Southern California, Seattle and Florida.

    Texas---the grand prize---96 locations in a state where Caliber dominates and Gerber is a weak third player. The original Service King locations owned by Eddie Lennox are the core operations in the best performing region for Service King.

    Market Overlaps

    Crash has a very strong position in Northern California with the acquisition of Mike’s Auto Body. With the addition of Service King’s South Bay and Sacramento shops, it is a strong No. 2 to Caliber.

    The combination of Crash’s 30 shops in Southern California with 25 of Service King gives them a stronger footprint in the nation’s largest market. However, even the combination of these two still leaves them a very distant second to Caliber.

    While 37 total shops is modest, the coverage across the Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia region is highly credible.

    Combined operations in Florida with 47 shops improves their penetration in that market.

    What to Expect Next

    The extraneous markets of the combined firm without critical mass may become available to other regional MSOs. One of the challenges will be prioritizing scarce management talent to the most EBITDA productive markets.

    Expect some further combinations among the next tier of multi-regional MSOs. Expect more investment interest in the collision repair industry among private equity firms. With three multi-billion revenue firms, the probability of further consolidation continues to increase.

    Source: Focus Advisors

  • AF Collision Becomes 1st Utah Shop to Join 1Collision


    AF Collision Becomes 1st Utah Shop to Join 1Collision

    PublishedJan. 4, 2023

    1Collisionis pleased to announce the addition of AF Collision in American Fork, UT, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. The business is owned by Travis Olson.

    “We are delighted to be adding our first Utah shop to support our Utah customer base,” said John Hollingsworth, 1Collision director of new location development. “Travis and his team at AF Collision already operate on a high level but were looking for something to help them reach the next plateau of growth. We are excited to start supporting their team with their goals.”

    “I am looking forward to having a team and a network like 1Collision to help me refine my processes and 'sharpen my blade,'" said Olson. “Sometimes in this industry, you feel like you can never get a straight answer from anyone and I feel that with 1Collision, I will have a plethora of resources to pull from.”

    Established by Ken Murdoch in 1992, AF Collision was purchased by Olson in December 2020. The 5,000-square foot facility sits on approximately one acre of land.

    “For a long time, people told me that I should have my own shop but I always said that I didn’t want a shop,” said Olson. “As time passed and I learned more about the business, I started to think I wanted to try my hand at it. I felt I could do pretty well and so far, it has paid off.“

    Olson explained that the initials “AF” in the company’s name stand for American Fork, where the business is located. With a primary focus on collision repair work, Olson prides himself on being a hometown body shop.

    “I feel like our industry has lost so much with big MSOs and corporate businesses running body shops,” said Olson. “I want customers to feel like they can walk in and talk to the owner or manager anytime.”

    Olson has more than 28 years of experience in the collision industry.

    “Being part of the collision business for a long time, I love the way it works,” he said. “I like looking at the numbers and how they translate into profit. I also like dealing with people and being around cars.”

    Prior to purchasing AF Collision, he worked for a paint distributor in Utah and was familiar with 1Collision.

    During the November SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, Olson talked to the 1Collision team and felt the network would be a good fit to assist his business.

    Olson said he looks forward to having 1Collision help refine AF Collision’s processes.

    “I'm excited to move forward and have people I can reach out to at 1Collision and ask questions and see how other successful shops are doing things,” he said.

    He and his 12 employees are focused on getting vehicles repaired efficiently and properly.

    “I want to ensure my employees and customers are happy,” said Olson.

    The shop is currently part of one DRP. “Even if I’m on a DRP, I still want customers to feel like we’re catering to their needs,” said Olson.

    Over the last few years, Olson has focused on growing his shop, including updating the equipment and building a staff that can handle the work he believes the facility is capable of doing.

    His goal is to continue to expand his current location and open at least two or three more locations in the future.

    “Joining 1Collision is a good fit to help us grow and become more efficient,” said Olson. “It’s not that I think that I couldn’t do it alone, but it definitely helps when you have a team of people to help steer the ship rather than just one individual.”

    Source: 1Collision

  • Anderson Family Acquires Historic Smart Motors in Wisconsin


    The Madison-based dealership is one of the oldest in the U.S., founded 115 years ago.

  • Asbury Automotive Group to Acquire Jim Koons Automotive Companies


    Asbury Automotive Group to Acquire Jim Koons Automotive Companies

    Published Sept. 8, 2023

    Asbury Automotive Group, Inc., one of the largest automotive retail and service companies in the U.S., signed a definitive agreement to acquire Jim Koons Automotive Companies, the ninth largest privately-owned dealership group in the country. 

    The sale of the Mid-Atlantic company is one of the most sizable in auto retail history, representing more than $3 billion in revenue in 2022, and includes 20 dealerships, 29 franchises, six collision centers and one of the highest volume Toyotaand Stellantis dealerships in the U.S. Asbury currently operates 138 dealerships, representing 31 domestic and foreign brands, as well as 32 collision repair centers. 

    Kerrigan Advisors was the exclusive sell-side advisor on the transaction, representing Koons. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2023 or early in the first quarter of 2024. Asbury plans to fund the purchase price with its existing liquidity, credit facility and cash on hand.

    Fifty years ago, Jim Koons took over the operation of his father’s dealership, Koons Ford in Falls Church, VA, founded in 1964. He achieved steady growth over the years due to a deep work ethic and a constant focus on his employees, customers and the community. 

    “My parents, Johnand Eleanor Koons, instilled these values from our company’s beginning. I am grateful to every one of our customers and employees for their contribution to our success,” said Jim Koons, chairman of Jim Koons Automotive Companies. “At Koons, it has always been all about people, and we deeply appreciate Asbury’s commitment to continuing this tradition. Our work with David Hult, and the Asbury team, gives us confidence that not only are our customers in excellent hands, but so are our employees, with opportunities for future growth being a part of Asbury.”

    Founded in 1973, Jim Koons Automotive Companies was one of only 13 private groups with more than $3 billion in revenue in 2022. The group, comprised of top volume franchises including Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Kia, Hyundai, Volvo, Stellantis and General Motors, is the dominant retailer in the thriving Washington-Baltimore market, the fourth largest CSA in the U.S. by population per 2020 census data. Revenue per dealership for Koons ranked 10th overall in 2022, and fifth in the U.S. for groups with greater than $2 billion in revenue.

    “This acquisition is transformative for our company, enabling Asbury to further expand into one of the country’s top economies in one of its fastest growing regions, with some of the U.S.’s best performing dealerships,” said David Hult, Asbury's president and CEO. “Koons has an impressive history of achievement in sales, CSI and revenue across its 20 dealerships, and is legendary for its emphasis on people---employees and community---and for giving back. These are values that we at Asbury share, along with the disciplined work ethic that has enabled Koons to achieve so much success. We are proud to continue what Jim Koons and his exceptional management team expanded upon: an unwavering dedication to excellence in automotive retailing. We expect the Koons dealerships’ profitability to be generally in line with the profitability of Asbury’s dealerships.”

    Among its many accolades, Koons is the only dealership group in the region to be recognized multiple times by the Washington Post and Washington Business Journal as a top place to work. Koons dealerships are well-regarded by automakers, consistently earning high customer satisfaction scores and sales volumes and earning multiple awards, including Toyota President’s Cabinets Award, Elite of Lexus, Ford’s President’s Award, Toyota’s Board of Governors, Ford’s Triple Crown Award and Mercedes’ Best of the Best. Jim Koons is in the Ford Hall of Fame and received an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Northwood University.

    Jim Koons and his wife, Cece, are longtime philanthropists, having donated to Bishop O’Connell High School in Arlington, VA, Northwood University, Catholic Charities and The Talbot Hospice Foundation.

    “We were truly honored to represent Jim Koons Automotive Companies, one of the most respected private dealership groups in the U.S., and to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Koons on the sale,” said Erin Kerrigan, founder and managing director of Kerrigan Advisors. “This milestone transaction, the largest since 2021, reflects the strength of the U.S. auto retail market in 2023, as well as the importance of family legacy and reputation to acquiring groups. In Koons, Asbury is adding a 59-year-old business and the top auto retail brand in the Washington-Baltimore market---one of the most economically vibrant regions in our country.”

    Kerrigan noted the dynamism of the Washington-Baltimore area: it is the fourth largest market in the U.S. with nearly 10 million residents, holds five of the top eight highest income earning counties based on U.S. census surveys from 2017-2021, and is home to multiple Fortune500 companies, the federal government and a flourishing tech sector.

    Stephen Dietrich and Brooke Sizer of Holland & Knight served as legal counsel and Baker Tilly served as the transaction accounting firm to Koons. Jones Day and Hill Ward Henderson served as legal counsel and FORVISserved as the transaction advisory firm to Asbury.

    Source: Asbury Automotive

  • Asbury Completes Acquisition of Jim Koons Dealerships


    The $1.2 billion deal includes 20 dealerships, 29 franchises and six collision centers in the thriving Washington-Baltimore market.

  • Auto Dealership Buy/Sell Market Hits Record High in 2023 Q3


    The increase is credited to more sellers entering the market, strong blue sky values and buyers’ substantial capital reserves accrued from record earnings.

  • Auto Glass Now Rebranding Acquired Shops


    Auto Glass Now is one of the fastest growing glass repair and replacement companies.

  • AutoNation Acquires RepairSmith


    AutoNation Acquires RepairSmith

    PublishedJan. 26, 2023

    AutoNation, Inc. on Jan. 26 announced it completed the acquisition of RepairSmith, a full-service mobile solution for automotive repair and maintenance, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with a significant operational footprint in the southern and western U.S.

    The acquisition of RepairSmith creates meaningful after-sales business opportunities, including using another channel to provide service to AutoNation's existing customer base and introduce additional vehicle owners who have purchased vehicles outside the AutoNation dealer network.

    RepairSmith will serve as a resource for reconditioning and internal services to increase AutoNation's speed to frontline readiness and expedite vehicle delivery to customers.

    "Apart from the important outcome of adding over 400 talented and dynamic team members, the acquisition of RepairSmith represents a unique opportunity for us across many aspects of the automotive value chain," said Mike Manley, CEO of AutoNation. "We have over 11 million customers with different and diverse after-sales needs. RepairSmith will add additional customer-centric and convenient repair and service options for our customers---further improving our penetration and loyalty.

    "The acquisition of RepairSmith accelerates AutoNation's ability to gain market share in the non-franchise aftermarket," Manley added. "Customers who have migrated away from franchised dealerships now have a competitive, more convenient alternative to the standalone maintenance and repair providers. They now have a mobile service solution backed by the country's most respected and admired automotive retail group. RepairSmith will add a strong competitive advantage to our AutoNation USA preowned business---which will now be able to offer after-sales services to their customers that other competitors cannot do. And finally, we will bring the full weight and scale of the AutoNation business to RepairSmith to accelerate their growth and success."

    "We are excited to embark on the journey to deliver convenient auto repair with AutoNation," said Joel Milne, RepairSmith CEO. "Our shared vision to improve the lives of people and their families provides a strong foundation that embodies our collective spirit of innovation and transformation. I'm incredibly proud of all we have built at RepairSmith. I look forward to unlocking even more value as we drive toward a bright future together."

    Helping to fuel its innovation and operational excellence, AutoNation has appointed Christian Treiber as president of after-sales. Treiber will lead the after-sales team, whose objective is to drive the performance of after-sales operations through continued development and implementation of strategic initiatives that further promote customer satisfaction and loyalty while continuing to deliver strong results.

    Treiber will also be responsible for integrating the RepairSmith business into AutoNation as part of his role. He will work with Milne and the leadership team to continue the significant growth and geographical reach of RepairSmith's mobile repair and maintenance business. This responsibility includes developing and leveraging RepairSmith's unique capability of providing the most customer focused and convenient after-sales offering in the standalone used car market, working directly with the AutoNation USA leadership team.

    Source: AutoNation

  • AutoNation Announces Acquisition of Minority Ownership Stake in TrueCar

    AutoNation Announces Acquisition of Minority Ownership Stake in TrueCar

    PublishedNov. 15, 2022

    AutoNation, Inc., America's largest automotive retailer, on Nov. 15 announced its acquisition of an approximately 6.1% minority ownership stake in TrueCar, Inc., a leading automotive digital marketplace.

    AutoNation's decision to invest in TrueCar signals the company's continued commitment to emerging technologies and its constant focus on providing peerless customer experiences. TrueCar provides an end-to-end, transparent and efficient way for consumers to navigate the car-buying journey.

    "We are excited by this announcement from AutoNation, America's leading automotive retailer, as we see their commitment to a great customer experience as fully aligned with the values of TrueCar and our offerings," said Mike Darrow, TrueCar's president and CEO. "Our companies believe this opens the door to an opportunity to collaborate on ways to provide a superior digital buying and selling experience for consumers."

    "We believe that TrueCar, with its leading digital marketplace, is well positioned to enhance the digital car buying experience and provide personal transportation solutions that are easy, transparent and customer-centric," said Mike Manley, AutoNation CEO. "We also believe the investment will strengthen the relationship between our companies and provides an opportunity for closer commercial collaboration with TrueCar in the future."

    Source: AutoNation, Inc.

  • AutoNation Expands After-Sales Business with Acquisition of RepairSmith


    AutoNation Expands After-Sales Business with Acquisition of RepairSmith

    PublishedDec. 12, 2022

    AutoNation, Inc., America's largest automotive retailer, on Dec. 12 announced it entered into an agreement to acquire RepairSmithfor $190 million.

    RepairSmith is a full-service mobile solution for automotive repair and maintenance, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with a significant operational footprint in the southern and western U.S.
    "AutoNation has embarked on a strategy to be the nation's most comprehensive provider of transportation solutions, meeting the mobility needs of today's and tomorrow's customer through a broad, connected range of products and services that are clearly focused on providing our Customers and their households a comprehensive, unique suite of transportation solutions," said Mike Manley, AutoNation's CEO. 

    "AutoNation already has more than 12 million customers who have shopped with us, a number that grows every day, and by providing an expansion of our group's capabilities, we not only begin to truly leverage our scale, but most importantly offer an expanded range of products and services that will increase both customer loyalty and deepen our share of our customers' household related mobility spend," Manley said.

    "Earlier this year, we added captive financing capabilities and initiated the development of mobility solutions to expand our customer offerings. RepairSmith is the next step in our plan," Manley said. "It expands AutoNation's ability to penetrate the extensive after-sales service market and conveniently respond to our customers' needs by broadening the reach of our existing after-sales network." 

    The acquisition of RepairSmith will provide AutoNation's after-sales business with another channel to provide service to its existing customer base and introduce additional vehicle owners who have purchased vehicles outside the AutoNation dealer network. 

    "Although roughly 80% of vehicles sold by AutoNation receive annual service at franchised dealerships during the first three years of ownership, the percentage falls off dramatically in subsequent years," Manley said. "RepairSmith offers customers the convenience of services and repairs at their home, workplace or on-site for fleet vehicles. AutoNation will also utilize RepairSmith as a resource for reconditioning and internal services to increase our speed to frontline readiness and expedite vehicle delivery to customers."

    The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2023, subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals.

    Source: AutoNation, Inc.

  • Bomnin Automotive Acquires 2 Miami Dealerships


    The dealerships join a group that sold more than 24,000 vehicles in 2023.

  • Bremerton Collision Repair in Washington Joins 1Collision


    Bremerton Collision Repair in Washington Joins 1Collision

    PublishedDec. 20, 2022

    1Collisionis excited to announce the addition of Bremerton Collision Repair in Bremerton, WA.

    Ty Sunkel and his wife, Sarah, opened the facility about four years ago. Their daughter, Taylor, works in the front office and their son, Cole, is a technician.

    “We're a family-owned shop and care about customers,” said Ty. “We treat people like we want to be treated.”

    The Sunkels learned about 1Collision after attending the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, in November.

    "During our initial conversation with Ty Sunkel at 1Collision's booth at SEMA, I could tell that he had a real passion for our industry and that he was focused on repairing vehicles properly while running a very professional business model,” said Jim Keller, 1Collision president and CEO. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to support a shop the caliber of Bremerton Collision Center."

    “I went to SEMA this year looking for someone to partner with,” said Ty. “I met Jim Keller and after an hour-long conversation, I said, ‘This is my guy. This is the guy who can help us get to the next level.’”

    Ty has worked in the collision industry for more than 30 years. In 2018, he opened Bremerton Collision. When business slowed down due to the pandemic, the Sunkels found a larger building to remodel in downtown Bremerton about five miles away from where they were operating. They moved into the 5,000-square foot location in May 2021. Since then, they have grown their business and currently have seven employees.

    “The building itself was a collision repair shop for 70 years,” said Ty. “We were able to secure the lease on it and bring it back to life. Now we're seeing the fruits of our labor.”

    Part of the remodel included purchasing two new frame benches, a measuring system, a spot welder and a MIG welder. “We're fully equipped,” said Ty.

    The team is working on several OEM certifications. “Between 30 and 40% of our business comes from dealership referrals and auto repair shops,” he said.

    The shop is also going through the process of becoming I-CAR Gold Class.

    “I pretty much eat, breathe and sleep the business right now,” he said.

    Recently, Ty and Sarah realized they needed to be part of something bigger to be successful in the future. “From my time working with an MSO, I knew I needed to talk to other shop owners and management for feedback,” he said. “The only way we can move forward in this ever-changing collision industry is if we get to be part of something bigger than ourselves.”

    The shop is currently part of several DRPs. “We are looking to 1Collision to help us work more efficiently and streamline our processes,” Ty said. With 1Collision’s assistance, they also hope to increase insurance and vendor relationships and improve the health of their business.

    “You have to get you keep your head up and look around and see what everybody else is doing,” he said. “One of the things I tell my guys all the time, especially my office people, is I'm not worried about fixing cars today, but how are we going to do a better job tomorrow and even better next month?”

    The Sunkels recently acquired an office in a building adjacent to their current shop and are going to be moving the office into that location in January.

    Long-term goals include opening a possible second location in 2023. “Hopefully between 1Collision and our other partners it will spearhead us into opening another location,” Ty said.

    Source: 1Collision

  • CarData Inc. Acquires Dealer Visual to Expand Midwest Reach


    The deal will enhance CarData's innovative photography and videography services aimed at helping auto dealers attract customers. 

  • CarGurus Completes $75M Acquisition of CarOffer 

    The acquisition aims to develop innovative solutions that support CarGurus' ambition to create a platform assisting dealers and consumers.

  • Chariot Collision Center in Indiana Joins 1Collision

    Chariot Collision Center in Indiana Joins 1Collision

    PublishedMarch 29, 2023

    1Collisionis excited to announce the addition of Chariot Collision Center, based in Kokomo, IN. The collision repair facility is part of Chariot Auto Group in North Central Indiana, established in 1926.

    Ric Pugmire, Chariot's director of collision operations, said the company is committed to providing world-class customer service and investing in employee education and training to ensure a proper and safe repair on every vehicle.

    “We are delighted to be bringing on operators like Ric Pugmire and the Chariot team,” said John Hollingsworth, director of new location development. “Ric has been involved in the industry for many decades and will bring a wealth of knowledge to the other shops in our network while we help Chariot grow.”

    In November 2022, Chariot team members went to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, to look for the partners they’d need to grow the business. The 1Collision team felt like a good fit after talking to Jim Keller, president and CEO.

    “To accomplish our goals, we knew we would need access to the kind of resources and relationships the large MSOs have access to,” said Pugmire.

    Being part of 1Collision enables Chariot to tap into a deeper and broader variety of resources and build relationships with vendors and insurance partners.

    “The relationships Jim and the team have built with seasoned people in the industry will help us solve industry problems together in the future,” he said. “It will also allow us to work cooperatively with our peers as a network because we aren’t competing.”

    Chariot is looking forward to working with 1Collision to help take the next step into a collision repair world full of new technologies and systems. This includes meeting with the field operations team to sharpen the collision repair business systems that will help take their business to the next level. The company is also interested in networking with other 1Collision locations and talking to them about industry issues, including certifications, training, front office tasks and staffing.

    “1Collision will provide access to other people grappling with the same problems we are,” said Pugmire. “By getting involved in a network, we don’t have to solve all the problems ourselves.”

    Source: 1Collision

  • Ciocca Automotive Acquires Apple Group in Pennsylvania


    Apple Automotive Group, which includes 10 dealerships across York County, is potentially the most valuable group sold in the state.

  • Classic Collision Acquires 100th Business in 4 Years


    The national MSO bought two-location Heat Collision Auto Body Specialist in Florida.

  • Classic Collision Acquires 3 Locations in North Carolina

    Classic Collision Acquires 3 Locations in North Carolina

    CarSmart Collision Repair serves customers in Chapel Hill, Pittsboro and Burlington.

    Written by Autobody News Staff
    Oct. 6, 2023

    Classic Collision, LLC, announced in an Oct. 6 news release three new closings, the acquisition of CarSmart Collision Repair in North Carolina.

    For more than 30 years, CarSmart has served the community with second-to-none auto body repair centers in Chapel Hill, Pittsboro and Burlington.

    “There are fewer repair centers that still share our commitment to customer service and guarantee satisfactory results to every person who walks through our doors; I trust that Classic Collision will continue that commitment,” said Mark Wasmuth, former owner of CarSmart Collision Repair.

    “We are excited to add three high-performing centers to the Classic family in this new market. We recognize the need for high service standards and look forward to providing additional options to our customers in North Carolina,” said Toan Nguyen, CEO of Classic Collision.

  • Classic Collision Acquires 3-Location MSO in Arizona


    Painters Collision Centers' three facilities are in Apache Junction, Chandler and Queen Creek.

  • Classic Collision Acquires Blue Sky Auto Body in Washington


    The Tacoma shop has served its community since 1948.

  • Classic Collision Acquires CO Auto Body Shop

    Classic Collision Acquires CO Auto Body Shop

    Michael’s Auto Body & Glasshas serviced Castle Rock, CO, for more than 30 years with quality repairs and exceptional service.

    Written by Autobody News Staff
    Oct. 20, 2023

    Classic Collision, LLC, announced a new closing Oct. 20, the acquisition of Michael’s Auto Body & Glass in Castle Rock, CO.
    Michael’s Auto Body & Glass has serviced Castle Rock for more than 30 years with quality repairs and exceptional service. The shop was voted best auto repairer in Douglas County for 10 straight years and is known for its state-of-the-art collision facility.

    “Our commitment has been to return customers' vehicles to their former glory as quickly as possible while providing them with a seamless, hassle-free experience, and I’m sure that Classic Collision is the right organization to continue that commitment,” said Michael Seda, former owner of Michael’s Auto Body & Glass.

    “We are pleased to welcome Michael’s Auto Body & Glass team to the Classic family. Their efficient and professionally trained team has extensive experience as a leading repair center in Douglas County, and we are confident they will be a great addition to our Colorado market,” said Toan Nguyen, CEO of Classic Collision.

  • Classic Collision Acquires Frank’s Collision Repair in South Florida

    Classic Collision Acquires Frank’s Collision Repair in South Florida

    The family-owned auto body repair shop has been serving Opa-Locka, FL, for 33 years.

    Written by Autobody News Staff
    Oct. 13, 2023

    Classic Collision, LLC, announced in a news release a new closing Oct. 13, the acquisition of Frank’s Collision Repair in Opa-Locka, FL.

    Frank’s Collision was a family-owned center servicing Miami-Dade County for 33 years.

    “Our mission has been to provide our customers and insurance partners with superior service and outstanding repairs and know that Classic Collision operates on high standards,” said Franciso Hernandez, former owner of Frank’s Collision.

    “We are thrilled to welcome the Frank’s Collision team to the Classic family. We recognize their high service standards and look forward to advancing that in our South Florida market,” said Toan Nguyen, CEO of Classic Collision.

  • Classic Collision Acquires New Shop in Tennessee

    Classic Collision Acquires New Shop in Tennessee

    PublishedJuly 17, 2023

    Classic Collision, LLC, announced a new closing July 17, the acquisition of Dayton Collision Centerin Dayton, TN.

    Dayton Collision Center has a wealth of experience in the collision repair industry and has been servicing Rhea County for several years.

    “We have been the repair center of choice in Dayton by performing high quality repairs and providing a one-of-a-kind customer service experience. We are thrilled to continue that journey now as Classic Collision,” said Rich Ritchie, former owner of Dayton Collision Center.

    “We are pleased to welcome the entire Dayton Collision Center team to the Classic family, which will create the opportunity for us to expand our footprint in Tennessee. We recognize the high demands for a top performing repair center in Rhea County and are happy to have this location joining forces with our other five Tennessee locations,” said Toan Nguyen, CEO of Classic Collision.

    Source: Classic Collision

  • Classic Collision Acquires Shamrock Auto Body in Florida

    Classic Collision Acquires Shamrock Auto Body in Florida

    Published Nov. 18, 2022

    Classic Collision, LLC, announced a new closing Nov. 18, the acquisition of Shamrock Auto Body in St. Cloud, FL.

    Shamrock Auto Body, Inc. is a family owned and operated business, providing customers with exemplary auto body repair service from the same location since 2000. Its highly trained team of technicians perform a complete range of auto body repair services to Central Florida customers from St. Cloud, Kissimmee, Orlando, Celebration and Lake Nona.

    “We have been committed to delivering only the highest level of quality service, with the emphasis on customer satisfaction and know that Classic Collision is in line with the same mission,” said Mike Reilly, former owner of Shamrock Auto Body.

    “We are eager to welcome the entire Shamrock Auto Body team to the Classic family. We recognize their high level of quality and service standards and look forward to furthering that in our Florida market,” said Toan Nguyen, CEO of Classic Collision.

    Source: Classic Collision

  • Classic Collision Acquires Shops in Las Vegas, Texas

    Classic Collision Acquires Shops in Las Vegas, Texas

    PublishedDec. 14, 2022

    Classic Collision announced new acquisitions in Las Vegas and suburban Houston, bringing its total number of locations to 209 in 15 states.

    Las Vegas Collision Center is now the third Classic Collision location in Las Vegas, while Dennis Collision Center in Conroe, TX, expands the company's footprint in the Lone Star State.

    Las Vegas Collision Center opened in 2000.

    “Our system of operation is streamlined to make it as convenient as possible for our customers and know that Classic Collision will operate in that exact manner,” said Anna Daniellyan, former owner of Las Vegas Collision.

    Dennis Collision Center opened in 2002 approximately 40 miles north of Houston.

    “We have always provided turnkey jobs---from start to finish, knowing it will be professional and right and believe Classic Collision will too,” said Dennis Gorrell, former owner of Dennis Collision Center.

    Source: Classic Collision

  • Classic Collision Adds 2 Locations in Colorado 

    Classic Collision Adds 2 Locations in Colorado

    PublishedDec. 16, 2022

    Classic Collision, LLC, on Dec. 16 announced the acquisition of the CARSTAR Highland Denver North and Highland Denver South franchise in Denver, CO.

    Former owners Gunnarand Lynette Greenemeier have been dedicated for the past 35 years to serving their customers’ needs throughout the vehicle repair, by providing the most efficient, cost-effective methods available, while providing the highest quality repair and an exceptional customer service experience.

    “Our philosophy has been to do the repair right the first time, and I know that Classic Collision will carry that on,” said Gunnar Greenemeier.

    “We’re honored to welcome the CARSTAR Highland Denver North and South teams to the Classic family. We recognize their high service standards and dedication to customers and look forward to adding our fourth and fifth locations in the Colorado market,” said Toan Nguyen, CEO of Classic Collision.

    Focus Advisors, a firm specializing in collision repair transactions, represented the Greenemeiers in the sale.

    “Selling our business was a difficult decision to make but we decided there was another chapter in our lives,” said Lynette Greenemeier, who credited their successful exit to the advice and guidance of Focus Advisors. “We knew it was time to shift gears and focus on supporting our daughter’s racing career. The team at Focus Advisors ensured that we received the best value for our business and managed a process to close the sale successfully, benefitting us and our employees. We’re very pleased with the outcome and our choice to join Classic Collision.”

    “The Greenemeier team has built a great business and established themselves as leaders in Denver," said Focus Advisors Managing Director David Roberts. "With few MSOs in their market, there was strong interest among multiple buyers. Classic has truly found a gem with this acquisition. It’s always an honor to represent owners like the Greenemeiers in realizing the value of what they’ve spent their lives building.”

    Source: Classic Collision, LLC; Focus Advisors

  • Classic Collision Adds 2 New Locations in Houston

    Classic Collision Adds 2 New Locations in Houston

    PublishedSept. 8, 2023

    Classic Collision, LLC, announced a new closing Sept. 8---the acquisition of Meyerland Collision Centers in Houston, TX. 

    Meyerland Collision Centers has been family-owned and proudly serving the Houston Meyerland area for more than 15 years. The Meyerland team, equipment and facilities all demonstrate their commitment to providing the best available customer service and quality care possible. 

    “Our belief has been that your vehicle deserves the best care possible and feel confident that Classic Collision will take that same approach,” said Adam Abutair, former owner of Meyerland Collision Centers. 

    “We are excited to be adding two new collision centers to the Classic family, allowing us to continue our growth in Texas. We recognize the increasing need for high-performance centers and look forward to providing more options to our customers,” said Toan Nguyen, CEO of Classic Collision. 

    Source: Classic Collision

  • Classic Collision Adds 3 Locations in Florida Panhandle


    Affordable Body Shop and Hollis Body Shop in Marianna and Panama City Beach have been serving the region for several years.

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