AkzoNobel's Carbeat Ignites Collision Repair Shops' Digital Transformation

Published May 30, 2023

AkzoNobel's automotive refinishing customers are experiencing a digital transformation using Carbeat, a data-driven digital project management process simplifying the shopfloor workflow, while tracking critical data using a seamless blend of technology and services.

"Carbeat is directly contributing to our upward trajectory in optimizing the key-to-key cycle time," said Brian Nichols, an owner of Cascade Collision Repair, with seven locations in Utah. "It's taken the chaos out of automotive repairs, from the technician's time with a vehicle, to real-time parts updates that can be visualized by the shop team. Initially, I was skeptical of Carbeat's capabilities and I'm so glad AkzoNobel has proven me wrong. All of our shops have embraced the transformation these digital tools provide us on a daily basis."

Historically, collision repair shops used manual processes such as yellow sticky notes, file folders, magnetic boards and chalkboards to monitor a vehicle's repair process. Carbeat transformed this manual paper-shuffling process with a powerful and intuitive digital production workflow dashboard that collects all datapoints while a vehicle cycles through the repair shop.   

"Carbeat enables shop owners to track every vehicle movement and provides real-time transparency of the shop's operations," said John Griffin, North America regional director, and commercial director of automotive and specialty coatings for AkzoNobel. "The digital tools provide body shop owners the ability to easily manage their business operations, streamline workflows and make data-driven decisions."

AkzoNobel's customers are experiencing a 10% to 15% reduction in vehicle cycle time by applying the Carbeat visual communication and data management processes, which depending on a shop's volume of vehicle repairs, may result in reducing the total time required to repair a vehicle by one to three days.    

"My primary interest is how a supplier, like AkzoNobel, can create value to my business," said Brian Martin, director of auto collision, Lexus of Pembroke Pines and Lexus of North Miami, which collectively generates $1.8 million per month in revenue in providing vehicle repair services. "Carbeat has helped us refine our lean processes, in reducing wasted movement as vehicles cycle through the shop and saving about three days per vehicle by dialing in on our bottlenecks. Instead of dropping a can of paint, AkzoNobel provides overall value, and Carbeat is a significant part of that transformational process."

For more information and additional customer transformation success stories using Carbeat, access the Carbeat website at www.carbeat.com.

Source: AkzoNobel

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