Root Insurance Extends Relationship with CCC to Digitize First-Party Casualty


CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. on Feb. 16 announced Root Insurance will extend the use of CCC technology to include its first-party casualty solution.

With the addition of CCC® First-Party Casualty, Root can now manage auto physical damage and first- and third-party casualty claims through a single digital workflow, powered by CCC.

The CCC First-Party Casualty solution digitizes bill intake, review, and reimbursement recommendations. Uniquely, it leverages accident data and insights to help insurers digitally review medical bills for accuracy and appropriateness of charges and treatments.

“As a digital-first insurer, it is essential for Root to leverage data and technology to inform decisions and deliver seamless experiences,” said Mark LeMaster, chief claims and customer service officer for Root. “By working with CCC we can do both across the life of a claim, spanning auto physical damage, first- and third-party casualty and subrogation claims. CCC’s network, technology, and AI are coming together in a way that will enable us to deliver on our policyholders’ expectations for straight-through claims experiences.”

CCC Casualty includes both first- and third-party solutions for insurers. CCC’s First-Party Casualty solution applies a configurable rules engine to process claims data quickly and segment payment-ready bills from those that require manual review. CCC modernizes existing chaotic, paper-burdened systems with a comprehensive, configurable experience to help insurers make timely, consistent payments across bill types.

Analytics dashboards provide access to industry trends and benchmarks. CCC’s Third-Party Casualty solution applies AI and biomechanical analysis to injury causation and bill review, increasing accuracy and reducing time, labor and cost associated with the third-party casualty claims process.

“We are excited to continue to support Root’s vision for smart, digital claims management,” said Mike Silva, chief commercial and customer success officer, CCC. “Connecting the auto-physical damage and casualty claims processes will help Root gain greater insights to achieve better claims efficiency and better outcomes.”

Source: CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc.

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