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Patterson Auto Body Describes Hunter Engineering as ‘Leader in Innovative Technology’

Father and son, Jim Byron, left, and James Byron, right, of Patterson Auto Body.

Patterson Auto Body is a mechanical repair garage, gasoline convenience store and collision repair center in Patterson, NY.

“There’s a lot of moving targets on the property,” said co-owner Jim Byron, who runs the shop with his business partner, Ron Christie, and son, James Byron.

Jim and Ron opened Patterson Auto Body in 1983 and moved to their current 13,000-square foot facility in 1984. Autobody News asked Jim and James how Patterson Auto Body stands out in the industry.

Patterson Auto Body
Location: Patterson, NY
(845) 878-3456
Facebook: @PattersonAutoBodyNY
Instagram: @pattersonautobody

Company At A Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 27
In Business Since: 1983
Number of Locations: One
Production Space: 13,000 square feet

“We’re family-owned and operated, and we work with vehicle owners and their third-party payer openly and honestly,” Jim said. “Collision repair is an industry we all need to come together under a common goal: prioritize the vehicle owner’s safety first and foremost.”

Jim added that his whole team, from management staff to technicians on the floor, prioritizes correct repairs as job one.

“As an I-CAR Gold Class shop, we are diligent about our training,” said Jim, a former I-CAR trainer. “We take our education and desire to be in this industry very seriously.”

On top of that, Patterson Auto Body holds multiple OEM certifications, including GM, Chrysler FCA, Ford, Subaru, Honda/Acura, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and Infiniti.

Patterson Auto Body owner Jim Byron and son, James Byron, plan for the future by investing in products like Hunter Engineering ADASLink® full diagnostic scan tool.

Performing vehicle alignments with the HawkEye Elite® by Hunter Engineering is another way the team ensures driver safety.

“Performing alignments after any collision should be mandated,” said Jim. “I’m a firm believer in that, especially when components are being replaced, like bumpers or repairs such as core supports.”

He explained no matter how minor the collision, there’s always a possibility the vehicle alignment was compromised.

“Even the inertia of the vehicle coming to an abrupt halt can cause a reaction in the steering alignment,” Jim said. “So, a simple adjustment can save customers hundreds of dollars down the road by preserving the tires and preventing additional uneven pressure on the rest of the steering and suspension components.”

Jim added that checking the suspension alone helps uncover issues hidden from the naked eye, such as bent or worn parts.

“If the issue was caused by the car accident, it’s a valuable find,” he said. “And even if it’s from normal wear and tear, at least you can bring it to the customer’s attention so they can choose to rectify the situation.”

Jim emphasized prioritizing customer safety over making a sale.

“You’re giving back to the customer by assuring you looked at their vehicle in a professionally correct manner,” he added.

Jim also stressed documenting alignments.

Patterson Auto Body owner James Byron chooses the Hunter HawkEye Elite® to ensure driver safety.

“There have been many moments where we’ve done our due diligence by creating a PDF to attach to the electronic file, and months, sometimes years down the road, a customer will have issues and want to confirm our shop performed a proper alignment,” Jim explained. “And this documentation as proof cements the fact that you’re professional and you’re supporting everything you’re doing.”

Jim said Patterson Auto Body continues to use Hunter Engineering products for proper alignments and more because the company is “a leader in innovative modern technology.”

“As this industry evolves, and it’s forever evolving, Hunter Engineering always meets our needs in a professional, timely fashion,” said Jim. “As a small business, having support from a company like Hunter is a relief.”

James added, “The fact that we can text our hands-on support rep, Ryan, in the early evening with an issue and he shows up at 7 a.m. to address those concerns demonstrates the company’s above and beyond dedication.”

Jim also stressed the importance of shops preparing for the future and investing in products like the Hunter Engineering ADASLink® full diagnostic scan tool.

“As of late 2021, 20% of all cars repaired in a collision repair shop needed some form of ADAS recalibration, and by 2023, that number will double. So, by 2025, we’ll be nearing 100%,” he explained. “How can a collision repair shop afford not to be involved in ADAS, not be engaged with it, and not understand it?”

On the mechanical side, Patterson Auto Body uses the Hunter Engineering Road Force® Elite wheel balancer.

“The Road Force® Elite saves us a lot of work because we can check rim diameter and lateral wheel run out to ensure the rims aren’t bent,” said James. “Our state does a wonderful job not filling potholes, so many people say their wheels feel off, bent and twisted, or the bases are scuffed out from hitting curbs. And thanks to Hunter products, we can easily solve these problems.”

Jim shared that Patterson Auto Body is a proud member of the Certified Collision Group (CCG), a national organization of body shop owners.

“We identify companies that can service and support our industry, and Hunter Engineering was recently named as one of our supporting partners."

Hunter Engineering Co.
Thomas Maitz
(314) 716-0469

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