Partnership to Provide Consumers with Data on Used EV Battery Health


J.D. Power said March 29 it is collaborating with connected vehicle analytics and infrastructure company Motorq to provide insights to the auto industry based on connected vehicle data.

And this partnership kicks off with used electric vehicles---specifically, data to measure EV battery health.

The companies will use data from actual vehicles and work with OEMs to help EV owners and shoppers compare a used EV’s current battery health with its prior status when new.

J.D. Power will provide a validation to vehicles meeting a pre-determined battery health score.

“EV shoppers have concerns about range and battery longevity,” J.D. Power VP and Head of Connected Vehicles Dave Sargent said in a news release.

“For used EVs, the range can be affected by a number of factors including how the vehicle has been driven and charged, and the temperature where it is being operated,” Sargent said.

“By measuring the precise state of health of an individual EV battery over time, J.D. Power and Motorq will provide transparency into an area where it is difficult for the consumer to make their own assessment. This information will give used EV shoppers greater confidence that they are buying a high-quality vehicle at a fair price,” Sargent said.

To determine the performance of an EV’s battery, the two companies plan to consider “thousands of measurements” over a vehicle’s lifecycle. They also are in talks with OEMs and “other industry participants” to bring EV battery health data to the industry, J.D. Power said.

“The most useful way of measuring the health of an EV battery is to see how it performs in the real world,” Motorq co-founder and CEO Arun Rajagopalan said in a news release. “We have developed a capability that leverages thousands of data points a day from each vehicle, takes account of different operating conditions and provides a normalized assessment of the true health of each individual vehicle’s battery.”

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